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Home Security Using The Most Effective Tool in Your Pocket: Your Phone

A reliable, efficient home security system is an important feature for every homeowner. As technology becomes more advanced and accessible to everyone with a computer or smartphone, cyber crimes are at an all time high. To keep up with sophisticated burglars and cyber criminals, your home security system needs more than just a beeping alarm and a few security cameras. It should be integrated with your smartphone for maximum home safety.

Your smartphone can provide a variety of comprehensive features to keep your home safe. With a simple touch on your screen, you can ensure maximum home safety for your family from any location. With home automation, you can take your security with you while you’re away from home.

Home Automation

Home automation provides wireless monitoring of your home through your smartphone. Security features let you perform a variety of tasks on your smartphone to keep your home safe around the clock. Home automation allows you to:

  • Arm or disarm your alarm system from any remote location
  • Monitor your front and back entrance
  • Monitor your doors and windows
  • Turn exterior and interior lights on and off
  • Lock exterior doors when you leave the house
  • Remotely unlock the front door without a key
  • Open and close your garage doors
  • Receive alerts of motion activity on your property or in your house
  • Receive alerts of broken glass and open doors and windows

Home Surveillance

For maximum home security, you should install multiple cameras on the outside and inside of your home. Once installed, home automation can link your cameras to your smartphone, so you can keep an eye on your home. With the mySafeTouch app, your cell phone will let you spot check areas in your home and watch a video feed any time you want, even from the grocery store or the office. With a simple tap on the screen, you can check visitor activity, check on your kids and pets, view sensor and alarm history, and watch live or recorded videos from your home security cameras. You can even adjust your home’s thermostat to make it warmer or cooler and get weather alerts that may impact home safety.


The SafeTouch app allows you to receive emails and texts in real time that notify you of emergency situations, as well as important daily tasks and events. You can check a variety of things including:

  • When your kids leave and return home from school
  • When the pet sitter comes to the house
  • When your alarm system is disarmed, and who disarmed it
  • When someone attempts to log into your account
  • When there’s a fire, flood, or emergency at the house

A home security system that offers advanced technology, home automation features, and smartphone interface will keep your home and family safe and connected. Don’t let outdated security technology put your home at increased risk for emergencies like package and mail theft, burglaries, or home invasions. To keep your home safe, contact the SafeTouch professionals for more information on the latest in home security products and plans.