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Home Security Advice for the New Homeowner

New homeowner

Congratulations- you’ve purchased a new home. You’ve successfully gotten through the tiring process of house hunting and paperwork, but home ownership is not as easy as turning your new key. It is important to ensure that your new home will be a secure and peaceful haven for you and your family. Along with unpacking your move-in boxes, there are necessary steps to securing your new home. Below are steps to ensure a safe and swift transition into your dream home.

Explore and access your surroundings

So you have chosen a neighborhood within a great school system and a good community. However, this does not mean your neighborhood is free from burglars. To understand the area’s past suspicious activity, you should request a crime report from your local police department. This will give you an idea of burglary patterns and other security issues to safeguard your home against. Another suggestion is to drive around the area and take note of the local hospital, fire department and police station. Record the numbers to each place and keep the list in your home where everyone can access it in case of an emergency. In addition, take notice of the day to day normality of your neighborhood. Notice things such as: what car your neighbors drive, how often service people visit, what time of day is it normal to see people out and about? Pay attention to how your street acts and interacts with each other. If you know what is normal about your new neighborhood, you will know when to suspect unwanted behavior.

Introduce yourself

It is also important to introduce your family and yourself to the neighbors. Befriending your neighbor could be the most crucial security measure you could take. Neighbors who are familiar with each other’s daily patterns and habits are more likely to call in to authorities when they notice suspicious activity at the other’s home. Also keep in mind that your neighbor could also agree to pick up your mail and water your plants when you go on vacation in the future. In addition, consider asking your neighbor about the neighborhood watch or security measures that they take as a neighborhood. This way, you can get involved as well. Another good idea is to exchange numbers with your neighbor to have for safety reasons. This way, you can watch out for each other and notify the other if there is any suspicious activity.

Change locks

That beautiful shiny (probably tarnished) key that you opened the door to your new home with may not be the only one of its kind. It is likely the old homeowner made duplicates for the neighbor and people he trusted. It is a good idea to change out your door locks immediately after moving in. This includes the french doors on the second floor balcony that many would deem safe from burglars. Also check the window locks as you walk around the house. Window locks will likely also need replacement. And do not forget to check your garage door and change the entry pass code if necessary. In addition, if the last homeowners had a security system, you will have to decide whether you would like to continue with that provider, consider a different security service company or use no security system at all. However, it is advised that you invest in a security system as this is the best form of security for your home. Simply having visible cameras and signs in your yard could deter burglars. Also, a security system will give you and your family peace of mind as the alarm alerts the police and/or your security provider immediately after it is triggered. If you would like to look for a new security system, you might want to consider one of our many solutions that will keep your new home secure.

Maintenance checkup

The final step when making sure your new home is secure is doing a maintenance checkup. It is a good idea to take a final tour of your house with a mindset different from when you first toured your dream home. As you walk throughout your home, make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working. Then, take a lap around the outside of your house to check places where shadows could hide burglars. Consider installing motion lights in these places or making sure the current ones work. Also take notice of the old homeowner’s landscape. Make sure to trim all bushes and garden where plants have been neglected. Read our previous blog about what kind of landscape attracts burglars to get a better understanding of ways you can strategically deter burglars.

Moving into a new home should be an exciting experience. However, there are important security measures that need to be taken in order to fully enjoy your new home. At the end of the day, your place should not just be your new house, it should be a safe home for you and your family to grow in and enjoy.

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