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How Analytics Helps Keep Your Home Secure

Electronic security systems and alarm codes have greatly improved the way we allow visitors into our home. Where we used to have to lend out a key, or worry someone might find the spare under the doormat, we now have a greater, safer array of options for welcoming our guests. Codes for electronic locks and guest security codes have given us unprecedented control over who accesses our home.electronic security system

These options have just gotten even safer with the addition of real-time analytics. Security camera analytics enable the security system to differentiate between people, animals and automobiles, thus drastically reducing false alarms, alerts and notifications. This technology also helps ensure you only welcome a familiar face, and provides alerts when an unknown individual gains access. Read on to learn more!

How Code Sharing Can Compromise Your Security

It is not always mischief or criminal activity that compromises our security. Sometimes, a breach in security comes with the most innocent of intentions. Perhaps a friend gives your home security code to another acquaintance so they can drop off a plate of cookies. Or perhaps a known and trusted plumber gives the code to another coworker to finish the job. You might never realize an unknown person has been in your home.

These innocuous situations can still create a hole in your security that can lead to unfortunate consequences. Worse, you would have no way to know what went on in your house until far too late. Modern security systems, however, have a way to alert you when an unknown and unapproved individual accesses your security system to gain entry.

Real-Time Awareness for Real Safety

The most natural way we allow people into our homes is when we recognize them. You see a friendly face at the door, and you open it to invite them inside. Technology has caught up to this basic means of asking our friends to come in.

The process is simple. Once properly equipped and set up, your security panel’s camera can capture the images of those who disarm your security system. When you agree to undertake the process, these images will be sent to you for approval. It can take as few as ten images to verify your list of people approved for access to the house.

After that, when someone utilizes a code to enter your home, the facial recognition will send you an alert every time an unrecognized person uses a code to enter. You can always know who enters your home, and if one of your authorized users shared their code.

SafeTouch for a Safer Lifestyle

Whether you are interested in adding real-time analytics to your security systems, or you are interested in other components to your existing system, SafeTouch Security can help! Contact us today for more information.