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How Home Automation Can Enhance Your Home Security

It may delight you to discover you can use home automation to make your home more secure. Read on to learn more about how today’s technology can sync up to keep your home safe.

Home Automation? What Is It and What Can I Do With It?

You may have heard people talk about home automation, or the “internet of things.” Both of these involve devices such as smart speakers, smart light bulbs, and even washing machines that notify you when they have finished their cycles. You can use home automation to automatically turn on lights at sunset every night or set your thermostat to a certain temperature at a certain time every day.

So what does this have to do with home security? Everything, if you have the right tools installed in your home.

Home Security in the Modern Age – Automation

Automation adds a layer of responsiveness and control to home security. Some of the simplest yet most effective home automation tools include:

  • Smart locks for your doors and windows. These can link to your larger home security system, or stand alone if you choose. You can provide different access codes for everyone in your home so you know who entered when. You can also create temporary codes for guests or service workers who need access to your home for a limited time.
  • A video doorbell gives you convenient knowledge of who is at your door, as well as a means to speak to them remotely. You can even remotely unlock the door if you choose.
  • Security cameras allow you to view both the inside and outside of your home before you arrive. Whether you heard a noise outside and want to see if the neighbor’s dog got into the trash again, or you worry someone might be lurking by the garage, a security camera allows you to verify the situation from a safe position.
  • A system panel allows you to integrate and control your entire suite of home automation products from one sleek interface. It also allows you to set up geofencing. This means if you leave without locking the door or turning off the lights, it will automatically do it for you. Or if you’re coming home from work, you can set it to turn on lights and change to a more comfortable temperature once you re-enter the geofence.

Automate Your Home Security with SafeTouch

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