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How Smart Home Tech Helps Caregivers Help Your Loved Ones

elderly care, smart home technologyProviding care and comfort to aging or ill family members is an act of love. Whether it was planned or due to unexpected circumstances, the daily care of a loved one is both a privilege and a heavy burden. 

Even the most devoted caregivers need a helping hand. Modern technology provides more assistance than ever before when it comes to supporting those who take care of others. It can also return a bit of independence to those being cared for as well.

Helping the Helpers Through Technology

Caring for another person can take a mental toll. The need to maintain a vigilant watch over someone else may leave you feeling as though you have no time for yourself. Indoor security cameras can help return this time to you. You can keep an eye on those in your care without being physically present or needing to abandon other tasks. Additionally, it can also help your dependent maintain a sense of independence since you won’t need to hover.

You may also face the possibility that the person in your care may wander and get lost. Door and window sensors can offer peace of mind if this is a concern. These can be set to send an alert to your smartphone when a door or window opens so you can act quickly.

Dignity and Independence for Those in Need of Care

It is disheartening to think a loved one might sit in the dark, unable to stand to turn on a light. It is outright terrifying to consider a hurt or weakened family member might have no way to alert their caretaker to a fall. The balance between giving independence and being available to help can be difficult to tread.

Voice-activated lights, speakers, thermostats, and door locks can help. With these, a family member can control their home without a need to strain themselves. Better still, you can utilize the same commands through a mobile app to ensure your loved one is warm enough, safe behind locked doors, and not left in the dark.

Smart thermostats allow you to program them for specific temperatures at specific times of day. This gives you one less thing to think about as you go about your day. Smart speakers can also allow you to check in by voice, or allow your loved one to call for help and be heard above a noisy room’s distractions.

Caregivers – The Heroes We Need

We at SafeTouch Security salute everyone who has taken up the challenge of caring for a loved one. Let us help you streamline mundane tasks so you can focus on what is most important. Contact us today for more information on how our security systems can help!