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How to Host a Safe, Family-Friendly Holiday Party

home security holiday partyThe holiday season is upon us once again. It’s a time of the year for celebrations and, of course, for parties. If you decide to host a party this year, that’s great! However, it is important to ensure your guests and home is kept safe. The following tips will help keep your party safe.

General Tips:

You will find these tips useful for a party of any kind, with any number of guests.

Keep the driveway and sidewalks clear. Remember, the temperature is dropping and snow and ice can be dangerous hazards. You don’t want your guests to be injured before they even make it to your party. Take the time to clear any snow and sprinkle salt to remove any ice buildup. Don’t forget to check your porch and stairs, too.

Reduce your risk of fires. During the holiday season, many homes have lights, candles and Christmas trees for decorations. Take time to look over all of your electrical cables, and discard those that are frayed or have other visible damage. Put candles in an area where they are unlikely to be knocked over and consider using a jar to contain the fire. Christmas trees should be kept away from heat sources and live trees should be watered daily. Consider a home security system, because in the unfortunate event of a fire, these can be lifesavers. SafeTouch Security Systems are an excellent choice.

Clear any obstacles. Keep the party area clear of clutter. This will reduce the risk of trips and falls. Extension cords are a common sight this time of year; take time to secure these out of the general walkway.

Lock valuables away. It’s unfortunate; however, it does happen. During parties your jewelry or other valuable can be stolen by those you consider a friend or acquaintance. Or, perhaps, those friends brought a guest of their own. Regardless, lock valuables in a secure room which will not be used during the course of your party. SafeTouch Security Systems can be used to determine if this room has been accessed.

Tips For Parties With Children:

Whether you have children or guests are bringing theirs to the party, you need to consider their safety, too. Consider the following tips to keep the kids safe.

Pick up small objects. Children have a habit of putting anything and everything into their mouths. Take time and walk through your home looking for any items which could be a choking hazard for children. In addition, cleaners and other items that contain chemicals should be placed out of reach.

Block off hazardous areas. Children also love to go where they’re not supposed to. The kitchen will be a particularly busy and hazardous zone during a party. If you have a pool at your home, ensure that safety measures are taken to dissuade kids from going near it. Find some kind of fence or similar structure to keep the children safely away from these areas.

Hire a babysitter. When in doubt, it is a good idea to have a dedicated pair of eyes watching the children. Find a babysitter to sit with the kids while you have your party. This will be more beneficial with a large group of children; however, it’s better to be prepared.

Parties With Alcohol:

If your guests will be consuming alcohol, it’s important to consider the following tips.

Collect the car keys. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, collect car keys from any guest who will be partaking in alcohol. Place these keys in a bowl or a drawer. An excellent spot to store them would be in an ‘off-limits’ room. Safetouch Security Systems can be used to determine if the room is accessed without permission.

Include other activities. Keeping your guests engaged in other activities will limit their alcohol consumption. You want your guests to enjoy themselves anyway and a lineup of activities is a great way to do just that.

Impose a cut-off. If a guest becomes overly intoxicated, insist that they refrain from further drinking. Remember, local laws can punish the homeowner if a guest consumes alcohol and gets into trouble. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure guests drink responsibly.

Remember to follow these tips for your holiday party and your guests will be happy and safe from harm. This is the time of year where accidents are prone. Therefore, consider adding a security system for your peace of mind.