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How to Keep Your Home Secure While Remodeling

Home renovation

Whether it’s re-tiling your bathroom floor or extending the exterior walls of your kitchen, remodeling puts your home and family at risk for burglary and intruders. Most likely, there will be many strangers going in and out of your home during your remodel and you should be cautious. If you are planning a renovation with exposed walls, the lack of home security will be heightened. However, there are many steps to take in order to ensure your belongings and your family stay safe.

Do a background check on your contractor

While an official background check most likely won’t be necessary, you should make sure that your contractor is credible.

  • Always ask friends and family for a contractor referral. This way, you can talk to someone who has hired the contractor in the past and would recommend the contractor to others.

  • Make sure the contractor’s credentials are official. Is he a part of an official association? What is his education and experience?

  • Check the contractor’s employment process. You want to make sure that your contractor is hiring not just hard working people but trustworthy.

  • Contractors should have tips to give you on ways to keep your home secure during the renovation, and ask him what his plans are to ensure your home’s safety as well.

Store your valuables

Exposed walls are hazards to your valuable belongings that were once kept safe by four walls. Depending on size, there are a few options for securing your valuables.

  • A safe is your typical solution. Consider also bolting it down or keeping it safely stowed away as burglars can easily take a whole safe if it’s small enough to carry.

  • Put your safe behind locked doors or store your valuables behind a securely locked door.

  • For larger valuables, consider renting a storage garage or storing at a family or friends house.

Maximize your security system

If you are tearing down walls, it may affect the way your security system works. You will need to contact your provider to figure out your options. If you don’t have a security system, you should consider contacting your local security system provider about installing a new system with your remodel. A security system is a wise investment to avoid a potential loss otherwise.

  • Ask your provider about motion sensors. Motion sensors can make a burglar feel exposed and scare him away.

  • If your construction will not have running electricity, you should ask about a wireless system for the area if not for your whole home. A wireless system will allow for mobile monitoring at anytime of the day.

  • Video surveillance is recommended when your home is undergoing a renovation. Any unwanted behavior will be caught on camera. A camera can catch a burglar breaking an entry. It can also catch an entrusted worker who already has access to your home.

Switch out your locks

One key fits all is not ideal during a renovation when many strangers have to go in and out of your home, often while you are at work. A key-less entry is recommended for long extended projects.

  • Consider getting a key-less entry for the duration of the project. This can allow you to set times for your doors to be locked or unlocked throughout the day.

  • It can also give you access with the knowledge of who is coming and going.

  • A key-less entry can also give you the mobile ability to lock and unlock doors virtually.

Clean up after each work day

Nothing draws a burglar quicker than shiny tools lying in the front yard. Always have your crew clean up after each work day.

  • Talk to your contractor about his crew’s clean up regimen.

  • The work crew should either clean up all tools and stow and lock them safely on site, or they should pack up all tools and take them with them each night they leave.

Light up the night

Motion sensor lights and outdoor lighting have always been a deterrent to burglars regardless of a renovation.

  • Burglars will feel exposed when your lights flash on and will most likely leave.

  • Motion lights installed at your remodeling scene tell a burglar that you are aware of your home’s security exposures and are taking precautions.

  • If you don’t have motion censored lighting, simply turn on your outside lights at night to create a clearly visible scene.

Make sure your children know the safety rules

If you have children, it is important to make them aware of the dangers during a remodel. Inform your children of safety rules.

  • You should educate your children about strangers.

  • Tell your children to stay away from power tools and other dangerous and sharp tools, especially since most of the tools will not be yours.

  • Be aware of potentially dangerous chemicals that could be caused during your renovation.

  • If you plan to live in your renovation, be sure to create safety rules for your children such as where to play, rooms to not enter etc.

Remodeling your home is an exciting process, no matter how big or small. Yet, a burglar or intruder will see your renovation as an opportunity. Make sure your family is safe and your remodel stays on schedule by taking the necessary precautions.