How to Use Landscaping to Improve Your Home Security

How to Use Landscaping to Improve Your Home Security

Masked burglar thief in black is going to rob house at night.

While most homeowners use their landscaping for aesthetic and privacy purposes, it is also an overlooked way to increase your home security. 

It’s easier to deter would-be burglars than it may sound. Burglars look for an easy target. By making their job even the slightest bit more difficult, you exponentially decrease the likelihood of your home becoming a target. Read on to learn some ways you can use your landscaping to deter thieves.

Improve Lighting

If you don’t have any lights around your yard and the exterior or your home, invest in them! If you do have lights, make sure all lights are working properly. Another option is to invest in powerful, and energy efficient LED bulbs. They will last longer and shine brighter than old bulbs. 

Motion-sensored lights are another great way to deter thieves, as all eyes will be on them as soon as they make a move. Solar-powered lights will guarantee that you don’t lose security if your lights lose power or run out of batteries.

A good porch light and well lit path to the door guarantees ease of finding keys and personal safety. It also allows you to easily see and identify guests, making the front door – a common entry point for burglars – a much less desirable point of entry.

Limit Hiding Spots

Privacy fences are great for privacy but also create an easy hiding spot for burglars once they’ve hopped over. Law enforcement suggests limiting privacy fences to backyards and keeping bushes, hedges, and shrubs no more than three feet high in the front yard to provide a clear line of sight for neighbors in case of suspicious activity. It is also important to try and make sure that no tree limbs, bushes, or other plants block the view of windows or front doors since these are the most common access points.

Add Tactical Shrubbery 

Some plants can help deter thieves. Thorny plants like holly, rose bushes, cacti, or firethorns can help deter thieves and discourage them from hiding in the shrubs. Plant them instead of fences, around fences, and/or beneath access points like windows.

Maintain the Yard

Making sure you have a clean, well-manicured yard is not only great for curb appeal, but can also help deter thieves. Unkempt yards can provide hiding places for burglars. Untrimmed trees can provide them easy access into your windows. Not only that, but a manicured lawn tells a burglar that you pay close attention to detail and you likely pay close attention to your home’s security.

Additional Considerations

Consider replacing mulch with gravel or another noisy alternative. This could deter burglars looking for a quiet, easy entry into your home. 

Another thing to consider for added security: When you look at your house at night, what can you see inside? If your television or computer is in plain sight, you should rearrange your room so that it is not in a position where burglars are able to window shop, or buy window treatments that you can close to limit sight. 

Install a Home Security System

While not directly related to landscaping, a home security system can help you increase safety around the exterior of your home.

Strategically placed cameras can help you see every angle of your yard and home. And syncing everything together in a smart home system enables you to monitor your home from anywhere, whether you’re home or away. What’s more, you can control lights, cameras, and locks remotely, and call for help if you notice suspicious activity via a mobile app

Sensors can alert you when someone is trying to break into a window or door. Motion sensors can also connect with lights and cameras to detect potential burglars, and alert you when there is suspicious activity on your property.

Contact SafeTouch Security today for a free quote on a system that you can utilize in tandem with your secure landscaping for maximum security and burglar repellent.