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How Your Landscape can Deter a Burglar

house with landscape that deters burglars

Have you ever been burglarized? Are you searching for ways you can deter these burglars? If you said yes to either of these questions, then next time you go out to get your mail, stand next to your mailbox and take a look at your landscaping. A solution to your problems and worries can be as simple as a little gardening and upkeep.

Burglars can easily be deterred. While burglars look for houses with valuables, they first look for a house that has hiding spots and easy access. A burglar’s goal is to get in and out of a house quick, and by putting obstacles in their way, you can keep your valuables safe inside. And don’t worry, your landscape can still have curb appeal.


Your bushes should be trimmed to no taller than three feet for a couple reasons. First, a trimmed bush sends the message that you are home and deter any burglars who are targeting vacant houses. Also, tall and thick bushes provide a hiding spot for burglars, but when they are trimmed, neighbors can see your yard and notify you of suspicious activity. In addition, when adding shrubbery, go with a thorny bush. This is particularly important when planting under a window. Thorny bushes can provide too big an inconvenience and obstacle for burglars to consider entering. A number of plants can provide this safety while still being beautiful. Such plants range from holly bushes to roses to yuccas.


Your lawn should always flaunt a healthy green glow. This means that your lawn should be manicured on a regular basis. A watering system could help this if you live in a dry climate. In addition, understand what a healthy length for your grass is considering your climate and grass type. If necessary, hire a lawn care company to upkeep your lawn for you. This way, you can ensure that it is done on a regular basis. A manicured lawn tells a burglar that you pay close attention to detail and that you could also pay close attention to your home’s security. Another consideration is replacing your mulch with gravel or a different noisy alternative. This is especially important under your windows and other access points to your house. Gravel is a noisy alternative to mulch that deters burglars who are looking for a quiet entry.


Notice the trees in your yard. Are there branches that a burglar could scale and earn access to a window, balcony or even your roof? If so, it’s time to trim those branches. All low hanging branches should be trimmed from your trees because these could easily be scaled. Additionally, if you have a trellis or lattice, consider taking it down as this could also be easily scaled. However, if you are not ready to part with your trellis or lattice, consider decorating it with thorny flowers to discourage burglars from climbing it.


Fences are a questionable feature when it comes to what would deter a burglar. While some fences guard entry of a person, most simply become a hiding place for burglars. If you do own a fence, consider planting tall, thin plants on each side of your fence. Again, thorns play a huge role in deterring burglars.

Other Features

Other, non-vegetation techniques can be planted around your home to guard it from intruders. First, a security system is a great deterrent. Even a sign or window sticker could be enough to scare away a burglar. In addition to a security camera, motion lights should be placed along your house, especially in particularly shaded areas. To decide where you should place your motion lights, stand in front of your house and look for areas that receive the most shade. These places are where you will want to place your motion lights because it will scare burglars who are lurking in dark areas. Another key thing to consider is your window view. When you look at your house at night, what can you see inside? If your television or computer is in plain sight, you should rearrange your room so that it is not in a position where burglars are able to window shop. The final step in creating the perfect landscape is to have a police come to your house to conduct a free safety survey of your property. A police can inform you on the techniques of a burglar and how your landscape stacks up.

While You’re Out

If you are not home, there are still ways to keep your landscape manicured and house safe from burglars. The key is to make it look occupied. One way to do this is to have your neighbor pick up your mail or have your mail stopped while you are away. If you are flying somewhere, consider leaving your car in the driveway. Finally, timed lights inside can also give the illusion that someone is home.

The best part about updating your landscape to keep your home safe is that you finally have the motive and motivation to go out and create that landscape you always wanted.

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