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I’m moving. What do I need to know?

Moving is a horribly stressful process. In the mess of packing, planning and actually moving, it can be hard to keep the security of yourself and your possessions at the top of your priority list. Unfortunately, this can set you up for some serious problems as the process goes through each step. By definition, moving will open you up to the possibility of theft. You need to take into account and plan accordingly.

Take all Precautions

Moving BoxWhen you first get ready to move there are some steps you can take to make things go more smoothly. First, get in touch with your security company. There are a couple things that you need to work out with them. Check if you can bring your account and system with you to your new home. If not you will need to make arrangements for a new setup after the move. You may have one of the best home security systems Jacksonville has to offer, and it is a great bonus if you can take that great service with you.

Additionally, you will need to get a temporary code for your realtor or office manager in case they would like to show the place when you are not home. While it may be nerve racking to give this information out, the security company will then have records of exactly when this second code was used. Most home security systems Jacksonville companies sell will allow this feature, just check with your service provider to find out. If not, it will be extremely important for you to be home during showings so you can check that nothing disappears.

If you don’t have pictures of valuable items already on file for insurance purposes, now is the time to take them. If there is a problem with something going missing or breaking, this will be extremely helpful in proving ownership. You can also call your insurance company. Not only will you want to provide them with a copy of the photos for general insurance purposes, some will also be willing to insure the items during the moving process. If so, you can save on purchasing additional insurance from your trucking or moving company.

When speaking with moving companies, it is important to find out what their insurance policies are. What is included and what can you purchase separately? Keep in mind any assistance you will get from your homeowner’s insurance. Many of the home security systems Jacksonville companies offer might even have some tips on how to keep your items safe if you are driving your own truck. This usually means you will be leaving your whole life in a parking lot somewhere.

Regardless of whether you are driving the truck or you are entrusting some items to others, you need to secure the items you treasure most. Small items like jewelry should be kept within sight at all times. If at all possible, electronics need to stay with you rather than in the truck. As long as you have adequate insurance, bigger items like TV’s may simply have to go in the truck. These simple rules minimize the risk you will have a problem. In addition, you can keep the jewelry in the hotel safe if you need to stay overnight somewhere.

Organize your Belongings

Take your time while packing. Unpacking will be simpler if you take the time to organize items and label them as you go. In addition, nothing beats packing fragile items carefully. Mark these as fragile as well to alert any movers you hire, and to keep you from forgetting that these items need to go on top of the pile. Many insurance claims may also go unpaid if it turns out that you did not take proper care to pack your items. If you simply don’t know how to pack things properly, consider paying the movers to pack these items for you. Just let the moving company know so that they can bring proper materials and schedule the additional time.

Whether you are moving to or from Florida, you should now have a better idea of what to do to keep your items safe. Safe Touch home security systems in Jacksonville is one of the best in the country, and, along with your homeowner’s insurance and moving company, they can help you keep your items safe from harm.