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Job Layoffs Begin in Sherriff’s Department

Sherriff John Rutherford begins layoffs in department calling the plan “horrific.” Rutherford started cutting department jobs leaving dozens of law enforcement employees without jobs and Jacksonville, Florida a little more vulnerable to crime.

Union attorney Paul Daragjati said that he saw about 20 officers being told they were laid off, a process that began about 6:30 p.m. at a drill hall in the Police Memorial Building. There is supposed to be another group today, Daragjati said, but he doesn’t know how many employees will soon lose their jobs as well.

Some officers came from surrounding cities and had left good jobs, Daragjati said.

Nelson Cuba, the union president, said there will be as many as 46 to 50 total layoffs and, with vacancies, as many as 70 positions lost.

Homeowners across Jacksonville, Florida, and beyond are wondering what effects these layoffs could have to their own security. According to, there are 885,199 break-ins every year in the state of Florida. That’s a number that can see a sizeable increase as law enforcement officials find themselves at a decrease.

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