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Keeping Your Business Safe from Mischief this Halloween

Halloween is a fun time to look forward to every year. While consumers may enjoy the festivities centered around the holiday, with the costumes and tasty treats and celebrations, business owners might look forward to jazzing up their property with new decorations and improving their business through holiday marketing. Halloween truly has something for everyone.

Unfortunately, Halloween also appeals to people who are looking to create trouble. Businesses often find that the spooky holiday spirit also motivates mischief makers to pull pranks that aren’t particularly funny. Its important for people with business property to keep their investment safe over this unique celebration.

Preparing Your Business Property for Halloween

You can take some simple steps to make your business property more secure against the ghosts and goblins of October 31. These steps begin with the most basic of security measures: the lock.

Verify that the locks on all outside entrances, and on the inside security doors, are deadbolts with double cylinders and removable collars. They should be protected by a latch guard, and should have a hardened steel insert with a one-inch throw. Any padlocks should be made of hardened steel, and should be mounted on bolted hasps. Keep them locked, and consider filing off serial numbers so determined thieves can’t have new keys made.

Check all window locks to make certain they are secure. In the future, you may consider glass treatments designed to protect against burglaries, or install metal grates. Your doors should optimally have solid construction, with metal lining and a heavy metal crossbar to secure them. If they have exposed hinges, they need to be pinned so they cannot be removed.

Shedding Light on the Situation

A well-lit building is a safer building. Check all outside lights to ensure they all function. Replace any burned out or broken bulbs you may find. If you find that the lighting is inadequate, motion detector lights can be easily installed. Examine all decorations and hedges and plants to ensure that they do not block any walkways or any important views for your security measures.

Catch thieves in the act with a security system from SafeTouch Security.One of the best ways you can secure your business property for the Halloween holiday is through the installation of a security system. A monitored security system offers the highest level of security for nights when trouble roams the streets. Security cameras can capture any incidents you may wish to examine or report to the police, and alarms can deter mischievous celebrants whose eagerness to celebrate the holiday temporarily overcomes their common sense.

For more information on how a security system can help keep your property safe, or to arrange an installation with our security experts, contact SafeTouch Security today!