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Kid-Proof Your Home for Summer

family at home - home securityYour home isn’t always a safe haven for kids. This is especially true if you’re away while at work or vacationing during the summer. Your kids can get into trouble, and even get injured, without your supervision. While you can’t always be there to keep your kids safe, you can proactively ensure their safety and comfort by relying on technologies such as wireless security systems and mobile monitoring.

Know Where To Install Video Surveillance Cameras

You should always know who is coming in and out of your home. Strategic locations to place your cameras include entryways, the pool, bedroom hallways, liquor cabinets, common living areas, the garage, etc. Monitoring traffic in these areas will help keep an eye on babysitters, outside help, or guests that your kids have over. Installing cameras in backyards, driveways and near outside doors can also effectively deter would-be burglars and unauthorized individuals from entering your home.

Don’t forget that security cameras are no replacement for your vigilance. It’s your responsibility as a parent or guardian to always keep careful watch for possible danger. Home security cameras exist only to add an extra layer of security to your family.

Get a Sensory Report

These entry sensor reports immediately alerts you when one of your crucial entryway is opened. This is ideal when you have to leave kids on their own while you’re at work or running an errand.

Lock Up Danger Zones

Lock up potentially hazardous areas such as gun rooms, safes and liquor cabinets. You may also want to consider locking areas where potentially harmful objects are located. Medicine cabinets with items such as medications should be locked up, too.

Supply Guests with Unique Security Codes

By giving guests unique security codes, you will always know who is deactivating your alarm. You’re likely going to ask a friend, a relative or other outside help to watch over your kids while you’re away. Obviously, the sitter or a housekeeper will need a code to deactivate the alarm in order to get into your house when you’re not there. Giving your authorized guests a security code will give you peace of mind and the ability to control your home’s guests while you’re away. It will also keep your home security systems from giving false alarms.

Go Over Important Summer Safety Rules with Your Kids

Make it one of your priorities during the summer to teach kids about the importance of safety. It’s an ideal time to discuss safety precautions with your kids since they’re off from school. While it may be difficult for kids to understand complicated situations, you can help familiarize kids with basic safety tips such as:

  • Distinguishing safe strangers from dangerous strangers. Highlight the fact that they can rely on safe strangers such as police officers, teachers, librarians and firefighters for help. Tell them specific behaviors of strangers they should be suspicious of. In addition, read this after-school safety check list to avoid any untoward events.

  • Using the fire extinguisher in case of fire.

  • Calling 911 in case of a fire, break-in or emergency. Provide a checklist of emergency numbers such as your work number and contacts of family members and neighbors on the refrigerator.

  • If possible, demonstrate the use of first aid kit and point out where it is stored. Kids are old enough to know how to treat minor cuts and burns. Also, be sure to warn them not to take prescription medications without adult supervision.

Install a Wireless Security System

SafeTouch Security Systems are designed to keep your home safe. There are many other security systems available in the market but not all of them are guaranteed to offer families and businesses reliable security.

Choosing the best wireless system lets you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unlike traditional hardwired systems, wireless systems offer a safer and much more effective placement of security devices such as cameras and motion detectors. They are flexible enough that you can strategically place the devices exactly where you need them.

  • With wireless systems, there are no exposed wires and drill holes on the walls to look at. This not only leaves you with a more aesthetically pleasing result, it is also safer for kids who tend to be curious about a lot of things including potentially harmful items at home.

  • The ease and speed of installing a wireless home security system means you don’t have to overthink it or set aside days for it. Since the installation can be done in just a few hours, you have time to sit down with kids and go over your summer safety rules.

  • Wireless security systems come in different types. Pick one that will mold to your lifestyle. It’s arguably one of the most cost-effective summer safety tips to follow.