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Lights out! What to do During a Blackout

How to Secure Your Home During Blackouts
The storms and lightning across Jacksonville, Florida, has been intense for many homeowners. As homes shake, rattle, and roll, it’s time to prepare for that moment when lightning hits too close to home and your electricity goes out. Securing your home during a blackout does not have to be difficult, if you know what to do. However, the first step in any emergency situation is to be proactive. Unless your home is equipped with a back-up generator, you may be facing this critical time without a security alarm. Here’s what you need to do:

Keep Flashlights in Centralized Places

Make sure you keep flashlights with fresh batteries in a centralized place. This will make it easy for the family to locate them after the black out occurs. Many times people have flashlights in their homes but they cannot find them quickly in an emergency situation.

Charge Cellphones

Cellphones should also be charged as soon as possible. Although there is no electricity in the home, a car charger will work. These phones can help you to get updates on what’s occurring on the outside. It will also give the family an opportunity to contact the police if an intruder is entering the home.

Create Sound Effects for Security

Although the alarm system is disabled, there is a way to create a homemade sound security. These homemade securities alert systems can be made by the homeowner and their family members by propping up things against the doors on the inside of the home. Which means, if an intruders opens the doors, the family will hear and respond.

Make it hard for the Intruder to Enter the Home

Jacksonville, Florida is a highly populated issue with a high crime rate. When the lights go out, proper security is an all-time need. Secure open areas with large pieces of furniture or barriers.

With crime rates and lightning storms at their high in Jacksonville, Florida, now’s the best time to have a game plan and ensure your family’s safety if and when the lights go out. To learn more effective ways to enhance security precautions throughout your home during blackouts, contact our safety experts at Safetouch Security today. We’ll be happy to provide an in-home security inspection and recommend the right ways to ensure your safety no matter what happens.