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Looking Back on Security in 2014

2014 review - year summary concept on a vintage slate blackboardWith today’s busy lifestyles and work schedules, our society has become a very mobile environment. If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of time away from home. Between long days at work, family outings and social activities, home is a welcomed retreat. But, what if you returned home to find your house had been burglarized? An advanced mobile surveillance system can secure your home while you’re away.

2014 U.S. Crime Statistics

Unfortunately, in today’s society many Americans have experienced a home burglary, an invasion of privacy that leaves most victims feeling helpless and scared. Recent crime statistics show that one American household is burglarized every 13 seconds, and one in three of these homes had no alarm system. According to a recent study by the Security Distributing and Marketing Magazine, only 14 percent of U.S. residents have an anti-burglar alarm security system. Take a look at some interesting crime statistics that you should know about.

  • Daytime Burglaries – 59% of home burglaries occur between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM

  • Nighttime Burglaries – 41% of home burglaries occur between midnight and 4 AM

  • Forceable Entries – 66%

  • Unlawful Entries – 26%

  • Homes Without Alarm Systems – one in three experienced burglaries or burglary attempts

  • Homes With Alarm Systems – one in 250 experienced burglaries or burglary attempts

Although these crime statistics may be alarming, it’s clear to see that homes secured by an in-house alarm system or mobile surveillance system were burglarized much less than homes with no alarm system at all.

With increasing crime rates in metro cities like Jacksonville, installing an alarm system in your home or business is essential to secure your family and investments. Florida businesses owners, as well as homeowners, are realizing that a good security system is a good investment. Many businesses are including proper security measures in their management plans. They realize that having inadequate security could result in major business losses that could cost the company thousands, even millions of dollars in lost revenue. Although most businesses are not likely to be burglarized during the day with employees around, most homeowners fall victim to daytime theft. Installing a mobile surveillance system will provide security for homeowners while at work or away from the house. Despite the increase in crime statistics, studies show that homes and businesses equipped with alarm security systems are targeted less by burglars for fear of being caught.

This should certainly be a good incentive to install a good alarm system to secure your home and business.

2014 Alarm Monitoring Trends

Over the last few years, advanced technology has helped to create alarm security systems that are very sophisticated. In 2014, remote video monitoring technology helped to establish an advanced mobile surveillance system, like SafeTouch, that took home security to a new level of safety. Take a look at some of the latest remote video monitoring trends for 2014.

IP Systems

Over the last few years, wired security systems have given way to more advanced IP systems that don’t require complicated wiring and dozens of cameras to monitor a home or business. In 2014, IP systems surpassed older analog systems adding a lot of versatility to alarm system installations. IP cameras allow sophisticated monitoring of any residence or business from video monitoring equipment that can be installed anywhere.

Mobile Access

In today’s mobile society, both businesses and homeowners want mobile access to security systems and features. In 2014, studies show that more people accessed the internet from their smart phones than from their computers. Consumers want to have mobile access to important lifestyle needs, including their security while away from their home or business. An alarm security system with an advanced mobile surveillance system is the wave of future technology.

Central Video And Access Controls

With all of the demand and proven benefits of a mobile surveillance system, homeowners and businesses want solutions that combine both video and access control into an easy to use interface system. In 2014, alarm monitoring service providers started to develop web based solutions that allow business and residential alarm monitoring customers to access their video feeds and have complete control of their alarm systems from one place.

High Resolution Images

Advanced security systems have developed IP cameras with high resolution images. Gone are the days of blurry and distorted video monitoring images that were difficult to view. In 2014, technology created cameras that offered extremely clear picture quality, even in low light situations.

Benefits Of A Mobile Surveillance System

Consumers want to have constant access to live video of their security cameras, even when they are away from their home or office.  Today’s security systems provide both remote video monitoring and mobile surveillance systems that offer consumers many benefits. Which type of system provides more benefits?

  • Remote Video Monitoring – Remote video monitoring allows users to view video of their security cameras from a laptop or personal computer through internet access. You can access your security video cameras from any location in the world with a computer.

  • Mobile Surveillance Systems – A mobile surveillance system is similar to a remote video monitoring system, except that it allows users to view their cameras from a smartphone or tablet, as well as a computer. By downloading an app, you can view your security video cameras from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

The advantages of advanced security systems add valuable safety to any home or business. They offer users the ability to literally be anywhere and still keep tabs on their home or office. Just think about the additional benefits and peace of mind an advanced security systems gives.

SafeTouch Security Systems offers state-of-the-art alarm security systems and services for your home and business. With our own dedicated command center in Jacksonville, we offer high-quality, uninterrupted services to all areas in Northeast and Central Florida. For more information on a Safe Touch mobile surveillance system, contact us to speak with one of our security experts.