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Make Safety a Priority This School Year

school zone safetySoon children across the area will be heading back to school for the spring term. As much as you would like to avoid admitting it, a lot has changed since you were a kid. The world is not always a safe place for children, and as a parent, you want to guard your kids from danger as much as possible. Before the school year begins, take some time to review these safety tips that could help keep your kids safe.

Traveling to and from School

If your child walks to school, make sure to go over acceptable routes on main roads with them before they go back to school. Emphasize that you do not want them taking shortcuts or walking through isolated areas. Identify places along the route that your child can go to if they need help or thing they are being followed. Take note of how long it takes your child to walk to school. There is safety in numbers, try to have your child walk with a group of other children and make sure young children are properly supervised.

Check with your child’s school to find out if they will call you if your child does not arrive at school if you haven’t called to report your child as absent for the day. Also, find out what the school’s policy for releasing students to people other than their parents.

Around the Home

If no one will be home when your child comes home after school, make sure they understand safety rules for your home. Make sure to keep an emergency contact list near the telephone that includes your contact numbers and phone numbers for the police, fire department, poison control and at least one trusted adult.

Teach your child to keep the doors locked while they are home alone and never open the doors to strangers. Take time to practice safety skills with your children by creating “what if” scenarios so they know what they should do in a real situation.

Internet Safety

Find out about the Internet policy in your child’s school. Many schools offer the option to opt out of having photos with your child placed on their website with their back to school packets. Only allow photos to be posted that include your child with a group of children without their names being listed. You should always opt out of allowing your child’s personal information from being posted online.

Having access to the Internet can be dangerous if your children are not properly supervised. Make sure that they understand that they are not to share their name, address or other personal information with people they may meet online whether it is through social media or other messaging or chat applications.

You can keep your child safe and monitor what goes on in your home when you are not there with a Safe Touch security system. Having a security system will not only allow you to make sure your child has arrived home safely, but will also help deter would-be intruders from picking your home as a target.