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My Smoke Detectors are Beeping. What do I do?

Test smoke detectorYour home is your castle and ensuring that your castle is secure from all kinds of threats is what a Jacksonville security system is all about. Threats to your home and family can come in many forms; both the man-made and natural kind. An educated homeowner can do a lot to help further defend themselves, their home, and its contents by being prepared for different types of security home threats.

Many informed homeowners will install a Jacksonville security system to ensure defense from outside threats like robberies and outside home invasions. But there are other threats to your home like fire and flood that a prepared homeowner can also prevent. A simple way to help secure your home is by installing solid smoke detectors. The first fire alarm was an electric fire alarm invented by Francis Robins Upton in 1890. Upton was an associate of Thomas Edison. Today, smoke detectors come in all shapes and sizes and should be part of every home to keep its inhabitants safe from the threats of smoke and fire.

Common Smoke Detector Questions

There are certain common questions that always arise regarding the proper maintenance of smoke detectors. See below for a list of these questions and answers to keep your home’s smoke detectors working correctly.

1. What do I do if my smoke detector keeps beeping or I think its beeping?

Answer: It’s common for smoke detectors to start beeping, usually a short beep. Generally, the beep is shorter and not as strong as if the detector is going off. This beeping is a signal that the smoke alarm has a low battery. If your smoke detector is hooked to a Jacksonville security system, a low battery light will display on your home security system keypad. This light will usually start blinking 7 to 10 days before the smoke detectors start to do their beeping.

If your smoke detectors are still beeping and there’s no warning light on your home security key pad then you may need to replace or have one of your smoke detectors services.
2. How to replace batteries of a smoke detector?

Answer: When it comes to replacing the batteries of your smoke detector, most systems require a 9 volt battery. These batteries can be purchased at just about any retail location that sells batteries. Give yourself plenty of light when replacing batteries and it doesn’t hurt to have a helper on hand. It’s also critical to be especially careful if replacing batteries requires climbing on a ladder. Safety is always the most important thing.

3. How do I test my smoke detectors monthly to ensure they are working properly?

Answer: A monthly test of smoke detectors is important to ensure they are working properly, and it’s easy to do. If your smoke detectors are connected to a Jacksonville security system, your system will control the smoke detectors from your keypad, even when the system is unarmed. You can do your own manual test of a smoke detector by pressing the alarm test button or by placing a smoking match or other item in front of a detector and being sure the alarm goes off. It’s important to see your smoke detectors safety manual for proper testing procedures.

As mentioned, it’s important to properly maintain the smoke detectors of your home. They aren’t something to be ignored. With a Jacksonville security system, your detectors are monitored by your home’s security system for added peace and security. It’s a great idea to keep a copy of your smoke detectors owner’s manual on hand and read it for basic maintenance and proper functioning. Smoke alarms don’t last forever. Their general life is about 10 years. When you hit this window, it will be time to replace them with new ones.

When it comes to keeping your home and family secure, there are things you can do like installing a Jacksonville security system and ensuring that your home’s smoke detectors are working the way they should.