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Pet Safety Month Presented by SafeTouch

Pets are family, and, as pet owners, we know you want them to be safe.Anyone who’s ever owned a pet knows how much love and warmth they can bring into a household. We adore our pets, and treat them like part of the familythat’s why SafeTouch dedicates March to pet safety each year. We know how much pets mean to you, so we want to make sure you’re equipped with all the necessary tips to keep them safe. Here are some safety concerns to be aware of as we gear up for spring and summer:

Easter Hazards

Easter is a joyous time for many families, but it unfortunately means a lot of safety hazards for our beloved household pets. Many do not know this, but Easter lilies are incredibly toxic to cats- and can even cause kidney failure. Even licking a petal can cause kidney damage, so be sure to keep lilies out of your cat’s reach.

While we all love chocolate bunnies, chocolate is extremely poisonous to dogs and cats. Chocolate contains the toxin theobromine, which can cause high blood pressure, an increased heart rate, and even seizures. Make sure to keep your Easter baskets far away from your pets!

Spring Cleaning

Keep pets safe by following these tips and getting a pet safety decal from SafeTouch.Spring is a popular time to get a fresh start. Nothing beats the feeling of finally sorting through your closet or deep cleaning those hard-to-reach places, but keep in mind the harsh chemicals that are often found in cleaning products. Double-check the labels on all your cleaning products to determine which ones are poisonous to your pets. When possible, try to use products that are non-toxic and pet-friendly.

Keep Your Pet Cool

Living in Florida, there isn’t much of a break from the brutal heat. Temperatures begin to climb in spring, and only get higher as we move into summer. It is crucial to keep your pets cool in the warmer months. Be sure to take breaks while out in the sun every 30 minutes or so to prevent overheating. Also, never leave your pet in the car while you run errands. Even with the windows cracked, the inside of a car can heat up to dangerously high temperatures.

When possible, it’s best to take your dog for walks during cooler parts of the day. Early mornings or right before the sun goes down are good times to take your pets outside. If you have to take your pets out in the middle of a hot day, avoid surfaces such as pavement, concrete, stone, wood, or sand. If these surfaces are unavoidable, always make sure your pet is wearing protective booties.

Emergency Situations

At SafeTouch, it is our duty to ensure your family members are safe and soundeven the furry ones! While these tips are easy things you can do to keep your pets safe, there are many emergency situations that are harder to prevent. Unfortunately, 40,000 pets die in home fires every year, and 1,000 pets cause home fires every year. Pets are also more susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning because of their size. Lastly, many incidents occur when pets are home, including break-ins and fires.

While it can be hard to avoid these incidents, a pet decal can inform first responders that there is a beloved pet in the home that needs to be saved. A pet decal also informs police and firefighters that the animal greeting them is not a threat. Click here to receive a free pet safety decal from SafeTouch and protect your four-legged family members in case of an emergency.