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Protect Your Senior Loved Ones with SafeTouch

Protect Your Senior Loved Ones with SafeTouch

As the world continues to come up with new scams that target the older population, keeping your elderly loved ones safe from predatory bad actors requires more vigilance than ever before. This millennium’s explosion of new technology, added to the already difficult nature of aging both physically and mentally, has created a distinctly vulnerable population of older adults. 

Whether your elderly family members are under your care or living independently, it’s important for your peace of mind and theirs that every possible protection be in place. At SafeTouch Security, we make it our mission to meet your unique safety needs by providing customizable home security solutions. 

Monitoring Your Loved Ones

SafeTouch makes it easy to keep an eye on your family members remotely using the mySafeTouch App. Fully integrated with products like the 180° Indoor Camera and our voice-activated security panels, the mySafeTouch App takes the guesswork out of home security monitoring. For a more detailed guide to caring for your elderly loved ones this way, you can read about Monitoring Your Loved Ones, plus other tips and advice, on our blog. 

Expert Protection 

If you are the adult child of a largely independent senior parent or guardian, it may not be necessary to go the route of monitoring your loved one remotely. However, you might find yourself in the role of technology guru, frequently responsible for updating, installing, and explaining new technologies. Lucky for you, our expert technicians provide free professional installation of our custom home security systems. We are more than happy to work with you and your loved ones on selecting, customizing, installing, and maintaining whatever SafeTouch products are right for your circumstances. We also know that as time passes later in life, safety needs can change suddenly and sometimes drastically. We pride ourselves on our rapid response, and we guarantee a response time of 45 seconds — or less!

Automated Technology 

While there are always new fraud attempts by tech-based scammers, typically using methods involving texts, emails, calls, or account hacking, the “old” methods of defrauding the elderly are still being used. Due to their reputation for being easy to overpower and/or manipulate, older adults are also frequently the targets of crimes at home. Though breaking and entering, burglary, and other in-person crimes are relatively low tech (people have been committing such crimes for hundreds, if not thousands, of years), they can be prevented with high-tech solutions. 

Whether your loved ones are up on the latest trends or are totally technology averse, we make these solutions work for you. Automation enables your security system to work with minimal effort, and you and your senior loved one can determine how much or how little remote access to the system is necessary for each of you. As always, our expert technicians will happily assist one or both of you in setting up and using the mySafeTouch App. Our 24-hour local monitoring services reliably provide backup when you’re unable to immediately respond.                  


Products for Maximum Safety and Security

At SafeTouch Security, we offer a wide range of products using next generation technology. Below is a list of SafeTouch products that we recommend for ultimate peace of mind in protecting your loved ones as they get older.

Outdoor Camera

Our wireless Wi-Fi outdoor camera has long-range detection of up to 40 feet, even in night vision mode! It’s easy to keep an eye on the perimeter of your home. In fact, up to 10 people can watch the live video feed, so you can have more eyes on your or your parents’ home at all times.

Door & Windows Sensor

Door and Windows Sensors are fully compatible with most doors and windows, and they can be expertly installed to alert you when doors and windows are opened from the outside. Our sensor is the best in class, with one of the longest battery lifespans and easiest set-ups in the industry. 

Glass Break Sensor

Amazing pattern recognition technology is programmed only to recognize the sound of breaking glass. You can sleep easy knowing that the Glass Break Sensor automatically alerts our monitoring team when triggered. If the worst happens, help is on the way!

Motion Sensor

Stay on top of unexpected movement in key locations at times when your loved one may be especially vulnerable. When you install the SafeTouch Motion Sensor — with one of the industry’s leading detection ranges covering a 44 foot area and a 90° field of view — nothing moves without you knowing.

HD Doorbell Camera

If you’re worried that your senior family member might open the door for a stranger with bad intentions, the HD Doorbell Camera can provide a layer of security and comfort. Now they can always know who’s at the door before rushing to answer it. Ours is the slimmest doorbell camera with the widest-angle lens available. Plus, it fits most door frames and requires no professional installation.

Light Control

SafeTouch smart plugs allow you and/or your loved one to control the power to any device through the MySafeTouch app. You can even set schedules to turn lights on and off automatically, which is great for pretending someone’s home while they’re away!

Garage Control

For people who can’t seem to remember if they left the garage door open, the garage door control kit is fully integrated with your security system and controllable through the MySafeTouch app. See if the door is open or closed, then simply tap the screen to control it from wherever you are.

Smart Door Lock

Whether they forget to lock up after going out or up to bed or you want to let a neighbor/caretaker in to check on things, the Smart Door Lock’s motorized deadbolt allows you to lock and unlock the door from the push buttons or through the MySafeTouch app.

All of these products can be expertly installed by technicians who are happy to teach you and your elderly loved ones how to get the most out of their SafeTouch Security System.