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Quiz: How Safe Are You?

Many of us assume we are doing everything possible to ensure our safety. As we at SafeTouch have seen over the years, there is almost always more that can be done to keep ourselves, our families, and our homes safe. Take the quiz below to test your safety knowledge and find out if there is more that you can be doing to improve your personal security.


I always lock all of my doors. 

1 – True

2 – False

I always lock all of my windows.

1 – True

2 – False

I have a security system.

1 – True

2 – False

I have signs/stickers outside notifying onlookers that I have a security system.

1 – True

2 – False

My home has working smoke detectors.

1 – True

2 – False

My home is equipped with motion sensors.

1 – True

2 – False

My home is equipped with a video surveillance system.

1 – True

2 – False

I have my lights set on timers.

1 – True

2 – False

My family has an evacuation plan in place in the event of an emergency.

1 – True

2 – False

I never leave my garage door open for extended periods of time.

1 – True

2 – False

I never open the door without verifying who is on the other side.

1 – True

2 – False

How often do you check to make sure all of your home’s doors and windows are connected to the security system?

1 – At least every 6 months

2 – Once a year

3 – Never/I don’t have a security system

How often do you check the batteries on your smoke detector?

1 – Monthly

2 – Every few months or yearly

3 – Never

What do you keep your personal information/valuables in?

1 – Fire safety box or safe

2 – Locked in my desk drawer or filing cabinet

3 – Shoebox/Plastic or other storage container

What room do you keep your personal information/valuables in?

1 – Obscure place in the house (for example, pantry in the kitchen)

2 – Home office

3 – Master bedroom

What do you think is the first point of entry for burglars?

1 – Door

2 – Garage

3 – Window

Where do you keep your spare key?

1 – With a trusted neighbor or nearby friend

2 – Hidden around the door somewhere

3 – Under the front mat/ In a fake rock sitting near the door

While traveling, I ask a trusted neighbor or friend to:

1 – Pick up the mail, newspaper and mow the lawn

2 – Just keep an eye on the house and watch out for anything unusual

3 – I don’t ask anyone for anything

While using social media when I’m on a vacation:

1 – I never announce I am out of town and disable the GPS function.

2 – I don’t announce I am out of town, but I never think about disabling the GPS function.

3 – I talk about the great time I’m having miles away and tag myself at every place I go.

When I purchase new electronics or other expensive merchandise:

1 – I keep the empty boxes inside until trash pickup.

2 – I keep the empty boxes in my garage or out of plain sight.

3 – I keep the empty boxes on the side of the road/throw them out immediately.

20 – 29 points = You’re safe!

Good job! You are on the right track. But if you scored more than 20 points, there is still room for improvement. Keep up the good work and continue to read our blog for more tips on how to keep you and your home safe. Contact us today if you are ready to update your current security system.

30 – 39 points = Not too bad but we got some work to do.

You could’ve scored better but it could’ve been worse, too. Although you already have some very safe habits, it may be time to brush up on ways to become even safer. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your current security practices.

40 – 49 points = You are NOT safe!

It’s time for you to make some changes. Whether you decide to invest in a security system, keep your personal information in a safer place, diligently check your smoke detectors or put your lights on timers, there is plenty that can be done to ensure you and your family’s safety. Contact us if you need help deciding what steps to take on the road to safe practices.