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SafeTouch Emergency Response Team

Hurricanes are the price people in the Gulf and along the Atlantic seaboard pay for their beachfront property. All that great sun comes with a price but it’s a price you can help mitigate by going with the proven safety and security professionals at SafeTouch. While many security companies help defend your home with alarms, SafeTouch knows that when hurricanes strike, a more personalized approach is needed.

This is why SafeTouch has regional Emergency Response Teams ready to be there for you when hurricanes strike. While city, county, state and even Federal officials are there to help deal with the aftermath of a powerful hurricane, they are often overwhelmed due to the scope of the devastation. Thus the reality is you can’t be sure they will be there for you in a timely manner.

Not so SafeTouch’s Emergency Response Team! They ride out the storm in hardened location, prepped with the equipment, fuel and supplies needed to deal with the after effects of the storm. And they are there for you and other SafeTouch clients!

Each Emergency Response Teams will go through various stages as they prepare to deal with your storm needs. From areas built to withstand a storm’s fury, the Emergency Response Team goes to higher alerts as the storm approaches.

  • DEFCON 3 (72 hours out) Personnel are onsite and begin packing

  • DEFCON 2 (48 hours out) Trucks & generators are fully gassed up and scheduled so each SafeTouch family is identified.

  • DEFCON 1 (24 hrs till direct and fall) Last minute specific supplies (perishables) loaded with signal testing initiated.

Throughout this process, the Emergency Response Team is a touchstone for your family’s safety. As more information about the storm comes in, you may change your plans and need help. Having your car battery die or some other minor problem during a normal day can turn to tragedy but the SafeTouch team is there to help you out.

Now the fury of a hurricane can be such that even modern wireless remote security offered by SafeTouch will fail. During such ferocious storms you will be left to wonder what has happened to your property. The Emergency Response Team will do a site assessment and report back to SafeTouch so you, no matter where you ride out the storm, will have advanced warning on what to expect when you are finally allowed to return.

This service means you’ll be able to start planning earlier than most, getting a jump on contractors, plumbers or electricians who will be quickly booked after the storm. It also allows you to decide whether to stay or return once the all clear is given. You will also have peace of mind of knowing what has happened instead of having to wait till you actually return home to find out what the situation is.

The Emergency Response Team can also be a lifeline for those who ride the storm out. Too often a storm which didn’t seem as strong freshens right before land fall, catching communities by surprise and not able to evacuate. Again, with the authorities having to deal with everyone, SafeTouch’s Emergency Response Team is only responding to you and others under the SafeTouch blanket of security.

Home Security is more than just securing your property. It’s about securing everything in the home to include the family! The Emergency Response Team might save a life by being there to give immediate aid or get the injured to the proper medical care. So whether you evacuate or ride out the storm, know that SafeTouch professionals will be there for you in your time of need.