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SafeTouch Security: Faster and More Reliable Than DIY

There is little more satisfying than a project you complete yourself. Riding high on a sense of accomplishment can brighten anyone’s day, and the bragging rights for finishing a do-it-yourself task taste sweeter than holiday pie. The long hours of hard work can really pay off, both in terms of home improvement and in morale.

And yet, there is little more frustrating or demoralizing than a DIY project gone wrong. You are forced to either stare at the unassembled pieces long after exhaustion with the task has set in, or to perpetually be frustrated by issues with an incorrectly installed product. Whether the task seems impossible, or simply takes far longer than you anticipated, it leaves you wondering if you could have better spent your time elsewhere.

This holiday season, add some convenience and security to your home with a Safe Touch Security system. Having SafeTouch install your smart home security system will leave you free to enjoy the holidays without DIY frustration!

Package Security for Online Shoppers

Americans buy quite a lot of their Christmas gifts online. Whether you have taken advantage of the plethora of Black Friday online deals, or if Cyber Monday called your name instead, buying online offers peak convenience and may offer a greater array of goods than you might find in your local stores. Anyone with impossible-to-buy-for relatives knows the relief of finding the perfect gift from a store halfway across the country, then having it shipped right to their door.

With the increase in home delivery comes an increase in package theft, especially during the holiday season. One way to beat package theft, and to have the security of knowing when your gift arrives and where it was placed, is a front door camera, like the SafeTouch Smart Doorbell. These terrific devices allow you to see when someone arrives at your door, speak to them through an intercom-like interface whether you are at home or out shopping, and record what the camera sees.

Never miss a package delivery again! The motion sensor will alert you when your delivery person arrives, and will allow you to see where the package was placed. This device, coupled with the IQ2 Panel, is also terrific for parents whose children arrive home alone, or those who want to screen out solicitors and other nuisance visitors.

Professional Installation for Time Saved and Additional Convenience

The holiday season is busy enough without the additional hassle of a DIY project. Knowing your smart home security system is installed the right way lets you enjoy the peace of mind a front door cam brings without adding to your already long to-do list. The professionals at Safe Touch can have your smart doorbell, or any other smart home security features, installed more quickly than you could do it yourself, saving you the one thing you can never earn back – time.

This holiday season, contact SafeTouch Security for more information on how to add both convenience and security to your home!