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Safety Apps Everyone with a Smartphone Should Download

Personal technology has become part of our everyday lives. It’s amazing to think we carry small computers around in our pockets all the time, waiting to look up obscure information, offer us movie times, or coordinate an exciting meet-up with friends at a moment’s notice. As part of our daily workflow, it’s only natural that we look to our technology to provide us with better security as well.

Safety apps can give us the freedom to do more with our time without compromising our security. This can benefit anyone, of any walk of life, but may offer special peace of mind to those unfortunately targeted by unsavory individuals who would like to do them harm. Consider these safety apps for an extra layer of security for your day-to-day doings!

Make the most of your smartphone with apps that help keep you safe.StaySafe – Available for Android and iOS

Terrific for runners, hikers, and others who exercise by themselves in open places, StaySafe allows you to set a timer to countdown how long you expect to be out. When the timer goes off, if you have not checked in with the app, it will automatically notify your designated contact. These notifications include your GPS location, and any details regarding the trip you include.

You can also utilize an auto-inform service, which sends notices to your designated contacts automatically when you start and stop the timer. A panic button provides another layer of comfort to those who use the app.

On Watch – Available for iOS

On Watch has college students in mind with its highly specialized feature set. It allows for notifying friends, campus police, or 911, as well as social networks. Conveniently, it alerts the user when the designated timer expires. Should the user not reply, the app sends the requested notifications to those already indicated as contacts.

Importantly, this app also offers an easy way to contact resources such as RAINN, the National Domestic Abuse Hotline, and the National Dating Abuse Helpline.

React Mobile – Available for Android and iOS

React Mobile provides utilities many safety apps do not. Not only does it provide the common suite of notifications for calling friends or family members in an the event the user does not check in at the indicated time, it offers a range of contact options as well. Alerts can go out through email, text messages, or social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. There is also an easy option to contact 911.

Its most fascinating feature, however, is the chance for contacts to keep an eye on a person while they make their way to their destination. The Follow Me feature gives designated contacts an invitation to follow the user in real time.

A solid home security system can ensure your safety once you reach your destination! Contact SafeTouch Security today to learn more about how you can increase your home’s convenience and security.