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Safety at the Beach

Everyone wants to spend summers at the beach enjoying the sun. However there are some simple precautionary measures that will help you to stay safe when you’re at the beach, especially when it’s crowded and you have young children with you. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for young children in the US. When you’re going to the beach as a large family group with young children and the elderly, have some assigned tasks for the older children and the other adults in your group.

Clearly marking responsibilities will help to stay in control when you’re at a crowded beach on a hot summer day. If one adult is in charge of the younger children under age five and another is in charge of food and yet another in charge of water mishaps can be avoided. The toys, beach towels, and swim suits can be entrusted to the older children. This kind of simple organization is essential to have a safe time wherever you are. Here are some simple tips to stay safe at the beach:

  • If anyone in your group cannot swim, be extra vigilant and assign a buddy to watch over that person. This will help prevent tragic accidents.
  • Insist on the older children to also use the buddy system when they want to venture out into deeper waters, so that if one of them is in trouble, the other one can cry for help.
  • Check with the lifeguards before venturing into the water.
  • Teach your younger children to stay close to the lifeguards so that they can be easily spotted in case of trouble. Also teach them to read and obey sign posts at the beach and other public places; this will help them stay safe always.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and wear ample sunscreen so that you don’t get a sunburn or heat-stroke. A large hat and light airy cotton fabrics are also highly recommended.
  • Learn about tides and rip tides and educate your children about them and their dangers.
  • Show them the importance of keeping the beach and the ocean clean, and this will become a lifelong habit. It is easier to educate children than to teach adults to change.
  • Teach them first aid, and what to do in case of problems in different scenarios. This will not only help them if they’re in trouble but also those around them as children are quite observant and might notice that something’s wrong with someone before others realize it.
  • Children are fast learners and they literally soak up information so teaching them the importance of staying safe can never start early enough.

If you happen to live close to the beach in Jacksonville, Florida and visit the beach often, the above tips to keep yourself and your children safe can be literally life-saving ones.

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