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Safety Even When You’re On the Go

So many people rely on you. Stay safe, even when you're always on the goWhen you’re a person who is always on the go, you have to constantly prioritize tasks, and sometimes things that are important get sent to the bottom of the priority list. Hectic days spent hurrying the kids to practice, rushing to the office, making doctors’ appointments, running to the gym, picking up dry cleaning, and grabbing dinner can leave you forgetful of something that is very important: personal safety. Being aware and taking precautions is always a good idea, even if you feel comfortable that you don’t need to worry about safety because of your routine and your home’s location.

Safety Tips for the Person That is Always on the Go

  • Leaving Your House  – It can be hard to remember everything as you rush out the door but before you leave for the day be sure to make sure doors and windows are locked. You will also want to make sure doors are locked when you are inside your home. Be sure to activate your security system as you leave.
  • Security Systems – Security systems have a lot of advantages. Not only can they be enough to scare some would-be burglars off, but they can also allow you to monitor your home remotely, especially if you have a SafeTouch system. With SafeTouch systems, you can know what’s going on at all times in and around your property. This can be great too if you have elderly family members that are in your home while you are gone.
  • Driving – If you have to park your car after dark, always park it in a well-lit area. As soon as you are safely inside your car, lock the doors. When leaving your car be sure to close all windows and lock the doors. Don’t leave valuables out in plain site. Always keep your gas tank half full or more and never pick up hitchhikers.
  • When in Crowded Areas – It is important to stay safe when you are amongst large crowds. Always be aware of what is happening around you and scout the area for exits as you walk in. If you have a wallet, place it in your front pocket. Purses should be small, zipped up and held in front of you if possible. Always make sure your cell phone is within easy reach for you but not for strangers.
  • When Out During the Day – If you are out and about a lot by yourself it is a good idea to carry something like mace or a taser with you that will help defend you in the case of an attack. Be sure to look around when walking to your car to make sure no one is following you. If someone is following you don’t walk to your car, go to the nearest populated area and talk to someone or call for help. Last but not least, change your walking or running routes on a regular basis.
  • Public Transport – When you are using public transport be cautious at all time. When on the skyway, choose cars that have other people in them but that aren’t overly crowded, or pick the car closest to security. When travelling on a bus, always sit by the driver. Try not to travel on public transport after dark unless it is absolutely necessary.

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