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Safety Tips for Children When Playing in the Neighborhood

While children are prone to accidents, there are a few things you can do to keep them safe in unfamiliar environments.Americans are a people on the move. More and more people are moving to find new employment or to advance at their current job, while others choose new houses to suit their recent ability to work from home. This means an increased number of children are learning how to adjust to a new environment.

New neighborhoods can bring exciting opportunities, but they offer challenges as well. Arm your child with these safety tips for getting along in a new neighborhood! It will help them feel more secure, and will give you peace of mind as well.

  1. Create a list of important numbers and addresses to leave in a conspicuous place.

New homes inevitably result in new information for a child to learn. During the transition, it is important to have this information readily available in case it is needed. Make a list of new phone numbers and addresses, and leave it somewhere your child can find it in case of need. At the same time, be certain they understand whom they can contact in an emergency if you are not available.

  1. Get to know your neighbors.

Neighbors are a tremendous resource for parents and children alike. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, and take your children along for the introduction. Not only will this allow you to find potential resources, but it may assist your child in finding local friends.

  1. Teach your child their new home information as soon as possible.

No safety tips seem more obvious than this one, yet it is surprising how many parents neglect this simple step. Ensure your child can supply his or her full name, address, and telephone number as soon as they can learn it. They should also know the location of their new school. Remind them not to give this information to anyone over the telephone!

  1. Learn about your child’s trip to school.

If your child will need to ride the bus, visit the bus stop and note the child’s bus number. Teach your child good bus safety tips, such as staying with other children at all times and reporting any unusual incidents to an adult.

  1. Remind children to get permission before going anywhere.

Children may get caught up in the excitement of a new friend’s invitation to hang out. Remind your child to check with you for permission before they go to anyone’s home or accept a ride from a new friend’s parent.

  1. Ensure diligent home safety practices while kids are home alone.

New homes may encourage children to loosen their safety practices. Teach your child to lock doors and windows, and remind them not to open the door for anyone they are not familiar with. Should a parent be home, the child should check with them before allowing a stranger’s entrance.

  1. Take a tour of the neighborhood with your child.

Learning a new neighborhood can be a fun adventure! Take your child out for a tour of your new surroundings and teach them important landmarks, cross streets, and other notable features. Ensure they know what safe places they can retreat to if they find themselves in trouble. If they’ll be walking to school, be certain you agree on safe routes to and from home.

A security system can help everyone feel safer in a new house. Contact SafeTouch today to learn more about how we can help keep your new place secure!