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Safety Tips for Thanksgiving Travelers

family enjoys thanksgivingHolidays are joyful opportunity to reunite with friends or loved ones who live far away. While visiting with out-of-town family can be fun, travelers look forward to returning to familiar, secure surroundings. This makes home security an important part of your travel plans.

Keep your home safe this Thanksgiving, and all throughout your travels this holiday season, with these tips for home safety. With a bit of planning, your home will wait safely for your return from your happy holiday adventures!

A Little Help from Your Friends

It’s tempting to talk about your excitement over your Thanksgiving plans on Facebook or other social media. Social media, however, is a prime hunting ground for home invaders. A post about your two-week vacation to your grandmother’s house tells criminals when your house will be empty. This gives them all the information they need to stage a successful robbery.

Privately enlisting your friends and family to keep an eye on your home while you are away can help increase your security. Ask friends to check on your home once a day while you’re gone. Request that they bring in your mail, pick up newspapers, and perform whatever small household duties must be attended to. This not only accomplishes what you need done while you are gone, but gives your house a lived-in appearance.

If no one can pick up your mail for you, ask the post office to halt delivery during the time of your vacation. Remember to stop delivery on newspapers as well. Full mailbox or pile of un-retrieved newspapers is a clear sign that no one is home.

The Lived-in Look

We lend our homes a lived-in look when we are in residence. When we leave, the small signs of activity cease. To prevent this stillness from tipping off intruders, create the illusion that someone remains at home. Put interior lights on timers so they will turn on and off while you are gone. Ask a neighbor to put your trash cans out and bring them in again for another sign of life.

If you go out of your way to keep your yard manicured each week, consider hiring a landscaper to attend the chores you will miss.

The Little Things

We’ve all had the fear that we’ve accidentally left the stove on, or have forgotten to turn another appliance off. Disconnecting the power to unnecessary electronics can both ease that fear and save you money. Unplug your computer, the coffee pot, and entertainment electronics unless you have them set to record while you are away.

If you intend to leave your car in long-term airport parking, remove the GPS unit. It can provide a thief with a convenient map to your home, as well as a signal that you are away. If your home has a garage door, consider turning it off so an industrious intruder with a universal remote cannot open it.

Gain Peace of Mind with a Home Security System

One of the best ways to keep your home safe while you are gone is a home security system. A SafeTouch security system can watch your home even when you can’t. For true peace of mind this holiday season, contact us at 888-723-8682 to schedule a free home security quote!