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Say Goodbye to Thieves! Product Feature Blog: HD Doorbell Camera

With the rise in demand for automated smart homes, there have been thousands of doorbell camera videos that went on to be viral sensations. We’ve liked and shared everything from heroic delivery drivers to hilarious fails (and falls!) and cute kids saying the darndest things. We’ve seen so many videos of out-of-the-ordinary moments captured by these modern technological tools. By now, we may even have forgotten that these doorbell cameras have a fairly ordinary purpose:  providing home security. 


Part of that home security includes protecting the packages left outside your home. Now that online ordering and delivery have become the new standard for shopping, Americans are shipping and receiving more packages than ever. But many people do not have the luxury of always being home when their packages arrive. This means that their items are typically left by the front door or on the porch. This, of course, puts boxes of potentially valuable goods on display where thieves can easily access them. 


You may have dealt with pesky thieves stealing packages off of your doorstep in the past, but with the new SafeTouch doorbell camera technology, you’ll no longer have to! 

HD Doorbell Camera

SafeTouch offers the slimmest doorbell camera with the widest-angle lens available, allowing you to see as much as possible without adding too much bulk to your entryway. Designed to take the place of a traditional doorbell, it’s a high-definition camera that fits most door frames. Better yet? This model requires no professional installation, so you can pick one up and start using it today! 

When connected to your home’s WiFi, these HD Doorbell Cameras provide a wealth of benefits. Those include remote monitoring, keeping track of visitors and visit times, and even lowering the cost of your home insurance. Beyond the added security and convenience of allowing you to see who is at your door, these doorbell cameras can directly lower your risk of theft. 

Deter Theft

Installing a doorbell camera acts as a visual deterrent, as it can prevent porch pirates from stealing from you in the first place. That’s because the mere presence of a security camera is often enough to discourage a potential thief from choosing to target you. Once they figure out that their criminal activity would be on camera, most thieves will quickly redirect their efforts. They will instead try to find a lower tech home as their new target, which is easier to get away with! 

Record the Crime

However, if the presence of a security camera alone is not enough to prevent a thief from taking packages from your porch, your HD Doorbell Camera will do what it’s designed to do – record video. While theft is obviously not ideal, at least with the camera you will have video evidence that catches your thief in the act. Your recording serves as documentation of a crime, and it will be incredibly useful should you choose to take the next step by reporting to law enforcement. 

Not sure what you should do with your video recording when a crime is committed on your property and caught on camera? This blog post will give you insight on how to make sure any video evidence provided can be as beneficial to the investigation as possible (hint:  crowdsourcing information using the recording on social media can actually make things worse for the police and you!)

Need More Ways to Deter Package Theft?

If you are still looking for more ways to combat those pesky porch pirates, consider the overall security of your home and yard. Do you have motion-activated lights to alert you to movement? Are there cameras visible on the perimeter of your house? As mentioned above, a potential thief is unlikely to follow through with robbing a house if it has these or other security features that can be clearly seen from outside the house. SafeTouch offers customizable outdoor security plans for every size and budget!

In addition to these home security tips, now many package delivery services have options for a more secure method of receiving, including choosing a delivery time, picking a package up, or requiring a signature. You can also consider purchasing a designated locked package drop-off bin to keep on your porch.  

More About the HD Doorbell Camera

If scaring off your would-be porch pirates isn’t enough of a reason to add a doorbell camera to your home security system, there may still be benefits that appeal to you:

  • Motion detection can alert you if someone’s planned arrival doesn’t appear to go as expected. This allows you to stay in control of who can and cannot enter your home.
  • If you’re like the droves of workers whose homes also became their offices in the last two years, you’ve likely been soaking up every available opportunity to be outside and away from your house! With the all-in-one MySafeTouch app, you can answer the door and more, no matter your location! 
  • At the command center, SafeTouch Security representatives are ready to back you up whenever you need it. We have expert technicians available 24/7 to provide security monitoring or to answer your customer support questions. 
  • Finally, with this slender camera’s easy-to-install technology along with our professional technicians, your installation will be done in no time! 

Ask the Experts at SafeTouch About HD Doorbell Cameras Today!

Whether you are simply curious about the technology or you are planning to invest in a new security camera – or two or three – for your space, contact our team of experienced professionals. Our experts can provide support in your decision-making process, explaining the different features of our many products. They are also available to assist you in installation in order to ensure the correct setup. At SafeTouch, we want all of your home security technology to operate at optimal functionality and efficiency.

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