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Secure Your Retail Space: A How-To Guide

Owning your own business was always a dream and now that dream is a reality. However, running a retail business is no simple task. There are so many moving pieces associated with owning a store that sometimes, you have to prioritize the different aspects. One important thing that many people tend to skimp on is store security.

If you have a security system for your business but are looking to upgrade, or if you don’t have a system at all, then look no further. Below are some suggestions that might help beef up security for your business.

The Basics

  • Increase lighting inside and around the outside of your business. Having adequate lighting will reduce dark spots where criminals might hide.
  • Keep shelves clean and free of loose products. Having your shelving and floors clean and organized is a deterrent for criminals who might view disorganization and lack of attention to detail as opportunity.
  • Watch for loitering and suspicious activity. Awareness is important for any kind of business. A person who isn’t making eye contact or lingering for a long time without purchasing anything should not be left unattended.
  • Provide proper staff training for your shift workers. As most business owners are busy people, they cannot be on site day in and day out. Creating a security checklist and safety protocol is important for any business. But don’t assume employees will always follow these policies and procedures. It is best to have constant training talks that will keep security fresh on your employee’s minds.

Stronger Security

  • Reduce inside visibility after hours for your business space. You don’t want to give thieves a chance to case your shop by leaving the interior well-lit once your closed for the day.
  • Install outdoor motion lights that turn on when somebody walks within a certain distance. This can be an excellent deterrent for a criminal hoping to lurk in darkness.
  • Install a business security system that will trigger an alarm at the first sign of a break-in. Hiring an overnight security guard might not be in your budget but a security system could be the strong line of defense you need against potential theft.

Airtight Security

  • Install panic buttons for dangerous situations. Similar to what you’ve seen bank tellers use in the movies, these panic buttons can be a silent alarm for authorities to know your business is in trouble.
  • Having cameras that get a clear image of anyone’s face that enters your store can offer a level of security that employees might not provide. Reduce blind spots and keep valuable products in optimal view of the cameras. Be sure to keep any entryway well-lit and in view of the security cameras as well. Utilize perimeter cameras that can capture potential criminals casing your business and provide authorities with information if a crime is committed.

We hope that these tips and tricks help you can help you strengthen your business’ security. If you have questions about how SafeTouch can help or about the products we offer, please contact our security professionals for a free quote.