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Security Cameras Are an Essential Workplace Investment

A person’s career represents a large portion of their life. When you own your own business, or manage someone else’s small business dream, the workplace becomes an even more important fixture. You work hard, and you want to do your best to pay off that hard work with both profits and the creation of a place where employees enjoy giving their efforts.
Security plays a larger role in both the success of a business and your employees’ workplace contentment than most realize. Even a modest investment in security cameras can pay for itself in increased productivity and decreased loss of inventory. How can a few professionally placed cameras help your business? Read on!
  1. Security cameras discourage shoplifters. If you sell a physical product at your business, you already know the frustration of thieves who believe they should help themselves to your goods. Well-placed cameras not only provide a deterrent for shoplifters who do not want to be caught on camera, they also offer you a safe and discreet way to monitor suspicious customers as they browse your store. Add in the ability to provide recorded evidence to law enforcement, and you have an ideal loss-prevention tool!
  2. Security cameras discourage employee thefts. Shoplifters aren’t the only ones who abscond with what does not belong to them at your business. Employees may also feel they have a right to take whatever they wish without paying the business for the items. When employees realize you have the business under surveillance, they may feel less inclined to commit a theft that can see them in trouble with law enforcement.
  3. Security cameras can convince burglars to take their activities elsewhere. Thieves, burglars, and other criminals prefer to strike easy, soft marks with a low risk and high reward. Visible, well-placed security cameras can discourage them from hitting your business and causing costly losses.
  4. Security cameras encourage employee productivity. Every employer has had doubts about at least one employee performing their duties without excessive breaks or engaging in behaviors that impact their productivity. Security cameras can provide you with a valuable tool to monitor employee behavior to ensure everyone is working at their peak efficiency. (Though you should always check with video surveillance laws in your area first!)
  5. Security cameras improve safety in the workplace. No manager can be everywhere. Security cameras, many of which can be monitored from your smartphone, expand your ability to monitor conditions at your business to help stamp out potential hazards or dangerous behaviors. They can also be an integral tool for training, as you can utilize recorded incidents to prevent similar accidents in the future.
  6. Security cameras can help eliminate sexual harassment. Harassment of employees is an issue no good employer should tolerate. Security cameras provide businesses with valuable opportunities to observe and record instances of unwanted contact or employee aggression so appropriate action can be taken.
  7. Security cameras record criminal evidence. Whether you have discovered a pattern of employee theft, an increase in shoplifting incidents, or received complaints about employee behavior, cameras provide you with evidence at your fingertips. They can also offer a road to exoneration if false claims are made against you or your workers.

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