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Security During a Power Outage

Being home or even away from home during a power outage can be a little unsettling. Burglars that would normally pass up homes with security systems see a power outage as an opportunity to break into homes that would otherwise be defended. With hurricane season now in full swing, you might be wondering what happens to your security system if the power were to be knocked out by a storm. Whether your system will continue to work depends on the type of equipment you have in your home.

Having a Backup Source of Power

If you have a whole-house generator, your security system will remain powered up provided it is on a circuit receiving power. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can also be used to temporarily power a system. Many systems come with a backup battery than can power your system up to 24 hours. If your area is prone to power outages, it is a good idea to keep a spare backup battery around for prolonged outages. Once power is restored, the battery will begin to recharge.

Benefits of Wireless Technology

Wire-free rechargeable security cameras that are battery powered or solar powered can continue to work if the power goes out. They can continue to keep a watch on your home, detect motion and record footage of burglars. But because access to your home’s internet will be down, you won’t have remote access capability. The cameras will also be unable to send you real-time push notifications.

Communication When Power is Out

How your security system reacts to a power outage depends on how its wired for communications. A system that is wired to a traditional phone line will continue to transmit information. But you will need to have your control panel connected to a backup power source. Once back-up power initiates, you’ll hear a beeping alarm. Systems that use VoIP will stop working because your home’s internet will be down. But a system with cellular technology will continue to run until backup power is depleted.

When Your Security System is Down

You can do things to secure your home and family from burglars, even if your security system is down. Keep plenty of flashlights and batteries available to light up your home. This will make your home look occupied, which will discourage burglars from breaking in. You can save the backup battery power by turning off your system while you are home since burglars are less likely to strike while a storm is raging. If you have been warned ahead of time of a power outage and need to evacuate, you could take your valuables with you or store large items in an area that can be locked and secured.

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