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Busting Home Security Myths

Facts and Myths Sign imageAs with any hot topic, home security has generated a collection of facts and myths that are sometimes fascinating, sometimes hysterical, and sometimes outright dangerous. Learning what’s fact and what’s fiction can help prevent home invasions and heartache for your family.

Read on to learn more about common home security facts and myths!

Facts and Myths About Home Security

Burglaries only happen at night. This is definitely a myth. Studies indicate that most burglaries happen during the day, often when the homeowners are at work or out for the afternoon. Intruders know most families will be gone, and use that opportunity to their benefit.

You’re safe if you live in a rural area. Rural safety is a myth that has fooled more than one person who moved to the suburbs. According to studies, risk of injury death, which includes violent crime and accidents, is over 20% higher in rural areas than in urban areas.

My insurance will cover me in case of theft. In terms of facts and myths, this one might be true. However, that does not mean it is the best practice to rely on your insurance to cover you. While it might replace items, it only does so after a burglar has taken them, and even then, you might not get everything back. There are likely many items in your home that have sentimental value and are irreplaceable, so it is far better to prevent a burglary to begin with.

Facts and Myths About Security Systems

My dog is the best security system. Your dog is a good boy or girl, and deserves many pets and scratches, but sadly, they are not the best security system. Not only do many dogs ignore intruders (or worse, try to hit them up for treats!), but burglars often carry deterrent measures that may harm your pet. A security system protects your furry friends, too!

My pets will set off security system sensors. This is a mixture of facts and myths. When installed incorrectly, pets might set off sensors. Most modern systems are able to distinguish between pets and actual threats. Plus, professional security system installers know how to accommodate for the presence of your pets. Sensor placement and security can both help your system ignore pets. And an extra bonus? You can set up security cameras, so you can watch your pet play during the day!

Home security systems can easily be tampered with. Put this in the “facts and myths perpetuated by movies” category. It is not common for burglars to have the ability to hack into a professional security system. These days, most home security components are wireless, so no intruder will be sneaking up to a box to clip the dubiously always unsecured red wire.

Security systems are hard to set up. When you call an experienced professional, setting up a security system that will enhance your life is easy! It’s probably more affordable than you think, as well, and it can help you save money on your home insurance!

It’s a Fact: SafeTouch Security Can Help Secure Your Home

Facts and myths aside, this one’s easy. SafeTouch Security is the expert in setting you up with a state-of-the-art security system tailored to your needs. Contact us today!