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Security System Advice For The First Time Homeowner

Portrait of a happy couple holding keys in front of their houseIf you are new homeowner, or if you have never bought a security system before, it may be a difficult task. With so many choices out there now, it can be quite confusing to know exactly what you need to look for. Many things go into account during the search of security systems, such as the type of system, when to purchase it, the most reliable brands, and what, if any, additional services are needed. Overall you will need the best and safest option for you and your family to feel secure.

Wireless or Hardwired

Both types of alarm systems will offer the same amount of security to your home. It all comes down to whether or not you are installing it yourself, how much effort you can put into the installation process, the price you would like to pay, and the logistics.

If you have a large square footage, it is often best to go with the hardwired option. Wireless systems, however, are becoming increasingly more popular and affordable. With wireless, you will not have to deal with circuit testing, or with a difficult time installing cameras later on. They also use minimal drilling, for a quicker and less damaging, installation. Wireless systems are also the easiest to install if you are doing it yourself.


Installing a security system yourself, though it might save a few bucks, can sometimes be critical if one small mistake is made, not to mention the amount of upkeep or maintenance. If these thoughts are worrisome for you, you can always go with a home security specialist for a better chance at a better system set up. This will also make sure that there is a promise of monitoring, as well as no faulty defects within the system.

Touchscreen Panels

As cellphones and even TV remote controls are upgrading into touchscreen systems, your security system could also use an upgrade. The older, bare, rubber button models are still good, but operating on touchscreen panels will make it an easier and a better experience for the family overall.

Expandable Security Systems

You have many price ranges to pick from when it comes to choosing your new security systems and though the most basic systems may cost less, they may not be the best option. When you purchase your new system, you want to make sure you get one that will be able to expand later on. Expandable security systems will help to keep your options open so that you can add other devices like surveillance cameras, panic buttons, or other home automation devices.

With the ever-so-changing technology in security systems, it is important to look into purchasing a system that offers the greatest room and flexibility for other products to be added later on down the road. Even if you feel there is no need for additional security now, there may be need in the future when you reevaluate your family’s security needs.

Home Alarm Monitoring

A live monitoring system can be monitored remotely by professional security staff. This system will come in handy if there is ever a life-threatening situation, such as a medical emergency or a break-in in your home. The trained staff will be able to monitor your home all day and every day from a command center, in order to quickly alert authorities as quickly as possible, if needed. This will be the best option to defend your family and other valuables in your home.

Panic Buttons

The panic button feature is great for safety, and can be a great lifeline if needed. If there is a situation of panic, like someone dangerous is in your home, the button will send a silent signal to the central station.

Home automation

Why have a simple security system when you can have a system with other life-saving and administration abilities? Not only does this system provide security features, but also home management features. Home automation includes a great weather alert function so that you can take safety precautions when needed. This system can also be used to turn thermostats and lights on and off as needed.

Battery Back up

Whenever there is a power outage, and you own a hardwire security system, there is a huge need for battery backup, to get it running and secure again.  This is another reason why a wireless system may be better, as they are unaffected by power outages. You will, however, need to change batteries on a regular basis.

Two Way Audio

Another great feature in a security system, for some alarm owners, is the two-way audio feature. It can be used to speak to the central station monitoring agent, without having to call by phone. This option is particularly great for senior citizens.

Review the Best Brands

First of all, look at which brands are available for you, and research the quality of their products. SafeTouch delivers guaranteed security with a high-tech command center, 45 seconds or less of a response rate, two-way communication, radio back-up system, and so much more to ensure the safety of your home and your family.

What Do Others Say?

One of the best ways to learn about which security systems are the best, is to read customer reviews of what others had to say about any of the systems that you are considering. Reviews from actual owners of these systems are the greatest indicators of what you are actually getting yourself into.

With crime statistics in Florida, as well as many other places, security systems are a major matter to think about for your family and your home in Jacksonville, and in surrounding areas. So now is the time to ensure the safety of your family and purchase your home security systems, especially as a first time home buyer.

If you are still on the fence about which alarms to get, then talk to our staff at SafeTouch Security Systems, Inc. about your needs and options. We will be able to help you make your decision soon, as we are committed to your safety.