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Smart Home Automation Solutions to Boost Your Home’s IQ

Smart Home AutomationFor many people, smart homes are a smart solution that offer convenience, functionality, and even increased security. Modern smart home technology allows the savvy homeowner to pull all their critical systems into one easy-to-use interface. From there, they can take advantage of smartphone apps and voice commands to control their whole home. 

Smart automation solutions are about more than turning on lights or adjusting the thermostat. They can provide an additional layer of security that will bring you and your family increased security, as well as peace of mind. With the holidays looming, now is the perfect time to find out more about what smart home technology can do!

Lights, Security Cameras, Action!

Automation technology has changed the way many consumers operate their homes. From the appeal of turning on a television as you carry a tray of snacks into the living room, to the ability to turn on lights as you pull into your driveway, an automated home is an attractive enhancement to daily tasks. You can even adopt them slowly, piece by piece, instead of making one large purchase you are uncertain about.

Yet smart automation solutions have come a long way since their initial offerings. Today’s flexible systems will turn off your lights or change the channel on your television. They will also provide you a central hub for managing connected devices such as fireplaces, automated blinds, and thermostats that can save you money on energy. They can even give you greater security in case of emergency.

Smart Automation Solutions for Home Security

Automated security helps protect us from ourselves. All of us have forgotten if we locked the door before we left, or wanted to check the status of our homes while we were away. Smart home technology gives us the ability to do so.

Smart locks can be locked and unlocked from a phone app. With a smart doorbell, we can see who is at the door without having to open it. An integrated solution can alert us to smoke alarm activations, security alarm activations, and other potential issues without forcing us to rush home. We know we can have the lights on and the doors unlocked, and we can check the cameras throughout the home, before we even walk in the door.

Safety means more than a lamp automatically turning on at sunset. It means having the ability to feel more secure with the presence of technology. Smart automation solutions give you the ability to create a customized solution that feels right for you.

SafeTouch Security – The Smart Answer

Have you been considering how smart home technology could work for you? Contact SafeTouch Security today! We can help you create a bespoke system that fits into your lifestyle.