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Smart Security Upgrades Are a Great Way to Use Your Tax Return!

Tax season can be stressful, but sometimes, all the hassle brings you good news: Tax returns can make all that anxiety worthwhile. While you check your withholdings for next year’s tax slog, start daydreaming about what to do with this year’s windfall. This tax season could be a terrific time to consider an upgrade to your home security. Why now? 

Modern Advances Mean Great Values

Modern security technology has brought securing your home to an exciting new level. Today’s home security systems aren’t your grandparents’ old, kludgy hardwired system. You have more options than ever before to create the state-of-the-art security system of your dreams.

Do you want cameras to watch outbuildings, garages, or the trash bins on the side of your home? You can do that using SafeTouch’s wide selection of HD cameras

Would you like to see who’s at the door and be able to tell them where to leave your package, even when you’re out to lunch with your mother? We have you covered – check out the smart doorbell

Do you want to be able to control your system from the smartphone in your pocket? Wish granted with the mySafeTouch mobile app!

We provide a wide range of security solutions as well as reliable monitoring, and can tailor systems to your specific security needs.

Upgrade Your Property Value as Well as Your Security

Adding a security system to your home will bring your property value up, as well as increase appeal to anyone interested in buying your home. If you plan to sell your house in the next five years, a home security upgrade can only help when it comes to bringing in offers. Homebuyers appreciate an existing, proven security system in homes they consider purchasing.

Your investment now will pay off if you put your home on the market, but what about if you mean to stay? Putting a security system in a home you intend to keep provides you with a foundation for later upgrades as well as additional security now. Your start-up system can always be expanded to suit your needs.

The Only Certain Things are Taxes and SafeTouch Security

If you have been discouraged by the initial investment required to start up your home security system, tax return season is the perfect time to jump in. SafeTouch has the expertise and reliability you want in your security systems. Contact us today!