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Smartphone Apps to Help You Monitor Your Home

Have you ever been at work and wanted to know what was going on at home? Did you kids make it home from school okay? Did you leave the stove on and your home is now on fire?! Your mind can go crazy with the what ifs if you let your imagination run wild. You can’t necessarily leave work so what can do you do? New advances in technology allow you to check visually monitor your home with you smartphone.

History of Smartphone Monitoring

In May 2009, America saw the first available security app that would allow you to visually monitor your home from your iPhone and/or iPod Touch. It was not long after this, that the development and execution of the other apps started to appear for the Android and Blackberry systems. It seemed so basic and yet so technologically advanced – with just a few buttons on your personal phone, you could be watching what is going on in your home no matter where you are. The sense of security that these apps brought made it essential to any homeowner.

Who is this Service Ideal For?

This service is ideal for a variety of different homeowners:

  • If you have teenage children that go to and from school on their own, then this service will allow you to ensure they made it home from school okay.
  • If you travel often from your home, it is an ideal service to ensure the safety of the valuables of your home should a fire, flood, or break-in occur.
  • If you are having a significant amount of work being complete on your home then this service is ideal to monitor the progress and ensure it is on tact.

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