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Smash and Crash

alarm monitoring JacksonvilleKeeping yourself and your home safe from burglars has become a big deal in recent decades. Crime lows continue to slowly climb, causing many people to panic and have lots of pen up fear and frustration. Home security companies arrived on the scene quite some time ago, hoping to offer the average person a way to keep the home safe from criminals that want to gain entry. How did they do this? By creating security alarms that would sound when someone tried to open a locked entry into a home. Sadly, this didn’t always stop intruders.

Why Original Home Security Systems Weren’t Enough

At first, these simple low-tech alarms provided home owners with a huge sense of relief and security. Burglars stepped back for a while, trying to assess how they should go about their crimes now with these systems in their way. For a short period of time things were calm and people could relax in their homes without worry, even late at night. Due to handy alarms that contacted proper law enforcement authorities when a break-in was detected, people could even leave their homes for extended periods of time without much thought to a possible break-in.

Then, criminals conquered again and got smarter. Something called the smash and crash was born, starting a small revolution among these shady folk. So what is the crash and smash and how did criminals use it to disarm home security systems?

First, the criminal would scope out a potential house, noting where the alarm system was located. Then they would rip the system off of the wall or smash in the system, giving them between 30-60 seconds to disarm the alarm before someone was notified.

Jacksonville Home Security System

Finding a Jacksonville home security system isn’t always an easy task. There are tons of companies out there, all of which promise to keep you and your possessions as safe as possible. With all of these claims, it is hard to know for certain which company is best for your Jacksonville home security system needs. SafeTouch has a guaranteed response time of 45 seconds, with 11 seconds being the average.

SafeTouch has top of the line technology that helps prevent any harm from coming to you or your home, by using special technology that many companies still haven’t implemented. Our alarm systems employ a special feature we’ve dubbed as Smash & Crash. This unique feature is the best way to keep your family safe from criminals who only mean you harm, by preventing the tragic Smash and Crash burglary that still happens so commonly.

Most systems can be disarmed by smashing it, since most alarms wait 30-60 seconds before alerting the alarm company to get you the help you need. When a criminal disarms the alarm before the signal can be sent, no help comes and the burglar gets away with his crime. Our system is different. We are alerted the second the alarm goes off, and if we don’t receive notice that you’ve sent the all clear signal we get to work getting you help, and we do so as quickly as possible. We don’t know what’s better than providing this type of safety feature. We pride ourselves on being the best place to get a security system for your Jacksonville home.

Keeping you, your home and your family safe is a big deal, and our top priority. When you want the best home security system possible, the best place to look in Jacksonville is without a doubt SafeTouch. Not only do we offer top of the line home security systems that other companies have a hard time rivaling, we also offer 100% quality customer service and low prices that make our services available to everyone. Don’t settle for less, go with SafeTouch.