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Stay Safe and Sound with Smart Home Products

Already Have a System"A doorbell that sees and allows you to communicate with your guests. A thermostat that can monitor the temperature on its own. An outdoor camera that has 24/7 coverage with an easily accessible video library. Maybe it sounds like a science fiction movie, but it’s not. You can do it all through SafeTouch’s Smart Home products.


A smart home is a home that lets you control your heating, lighting, security, or other aspects remotely through a mobile or other computing device. You get to monitor your home even when you are not there to make sure that everything is safe, sound, and cozy – all at the touch of a few buttons.

SafeTouch offers a number of Smart Home products that can help you live life easier. These include:

  • SafeTouch Smart Thermostat: Do you heat your home when no one is home? Do you wish you could wake up in winter to a snug and cozy place? The SafeTouch smart thermostat lets you decide how warm or cool your house should be at any time of day or night – even when you are not home. The Smart Thermostat adjusts based on your location, number of guests, and outdoor temperatures. Even better, your smart thermostat lets you save on energy bills and be environmentally friendly too. What’s not to like?
  • SafeTouch Smart Doorbell Camera: When someone is knocking at your door, you don’t have to peek out from behind curtains to see who is here. With your SafeTouch Smart Doorbell Camera, you can take a look out of your front door, chat with your guest, and even unlock your door without physically needing to be at the door. This Smart Doorbell connects to your mobile devices to offer personal and convenient security 24/7.
  • SafeTouch Outdoor Camera: It is one thing to see who is at your door, but having the ability to see your entire property can create a complete and cohesive security solution. Whether it is from your computer or mobile device, you can immediately monitor any activity that is happening outside your home at any time. You can see if Fido is out back, or if the kids took in the recycling box. You can receive alerts when activity is detected and record that activity as needed. Keeping an eye on your family and home will give you both control and peace of mind.

When you want to make your home comfortable and safe, consider using SafeTouch’s Smart Home products. You can protect your home while maintaining comfort seamlessly with your devices.

Contact SafeTouch to find out how you can incorporate these solutions into your home given your schedule, needs, and preferences. SafeTouch – reliable and convenient security at all times.