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Stay Safe this Fourth of July: 9 Tips to Have a Fun Holiday

While fireworks may seem like the only safety concern on the Fourth of July, there are other areas that can be hazardous as well.. While fireworks are a top safety concern for the holiday, here are a few other areas to consider to have fun and stay safe this Fourth of July.

Water Safety

July is one of the hottest months of the year for most of America, so many families look to water activities to enjoy their holiday. Here are some quick tips to enjoy the water on July Fourth:

– Know what you are doing behind the steering wheel of a boat. If you are the driver, you shouldn’t be drinking, and before getting out onto the water, check to make sure you have enough life preservers for everyone on board.

– Whether you are at a pool at a neighbor’s house or the neighborhood pool, children need to know that an adult should be present whenever they want to swim. Even better, make sure there is a lifeguard on duty. If you are hosting the party at your own pool, make sure your home has door sensors to alert you when someone is near the pool area. Keep a first aid kit handy and always keep an eye on the weather.

– If you prefer to swim in a natural setting–the ocean, a lake, or river–make sure everyone in your group has the skills and knowledge to swim in these types of water environments. Check local conditions before entering the water, and make sure you always have enough energy to get back to shore. Be especially careful with rip currents. Don’t panic. Simply get the attention of someone on shore and signal for help. Make sure you understand how to get out of a rip current before you ever swim out in the ocean.

Sun Safety

The sun can really beat down on anyone outside in July. There are many ways to avoid both the sun and the heat in order to stay healthy on July 4th:

– The sun can be brutal, so make sure you have plenty of broad spectrum sunscreen. Apply it 15 minutes before heading out into the sun, and then every two hours after that–or anytime after swimming.

– Avoid UV rays and sun exposure between 10am and 4pm. Seek some shade. Whether it is a beach or pool umbrella, or hats, sunglasses, and SPF sun shirts, try to limit the amount of sun on your exposed skin.

– July is hot! With the excitement of the holiday, you might not realize when the heat is beginning to affect you or a loved one. Signs of heat stroke include hot, red skin, rapid or shallow breathing, a rapid or weak pulse, or changes in consciousness. These can be serious health issues, so call 911 if you suspect someone is suffering from heat stroke. If you are at home, many new security systems give you exact weather temperatures, and can also keep your home thermostat adjusted to beat the heat. With an integrated thermostat, you can know the heat index, and make plans accordingly.

Firework Safety

Fireworks are the definition of the Fourth of July. So, let’s make sure that everyone has an enjoyable holiday by adhering to these safety tips:

– The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to let the professionals do it–find a public show in your area, and grab your spot to see the sky light up. This also helps you monitor young children more easily and keep them out of harm’s way while enjoying the beautiful sights. And for sound, remember to bring earplugs in case the sound is too scary.

– If your tradition is to do fireworks at home, never try to make your own fireworks or disassemble them. Keep all fireworks pointed away from people, this includes those beloved sparklers. Make sure to keep a portable fire extinguisher nearby as well as a hose or bucket of water.

– Make sure whoever is lighting the fireworks at home has shielding eyewear and light fireworks on the ground in a fire-resistant area. If a firework doesn’t work the first time, don’t try to relight it. Soak it with water and then throw it away. Make sure to keep pets and small children away from fireworks, and consider whether they can handle the noise.

We hope you will have a memorable Fourth of July this year! Stay safe and enjoy your friends and family. At SafeTouch Security Systems, safety is our highest value. With our advanced home security made simple, you can connect your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video and more–giving you seamless smart home automation and control any time of the year! Contact us today to find out more about smart home security solutions.