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Summer Safety Hazards

family vacation - summer safetySummer can be the best time of the year, with long, warm days and mild nights. School has ended for a few months, and the family has the chance to spend time together. Keep your family safe this season by watching out for these summer safety hazards.

Outdoor Safety for Children

Children and the outdoors go hand in hand, especially during the summer. Prevent tragedies and ensure the wellness of your little ones with a few summer safety tips.

  • Don’t leave bicycles or other play equipment laying around in the yard.
  • Be mindful of curfews as the daylight gets longer. “You can stay out until sunset” gets later as each day passes. Set concrete times for children to be home.
  • If your child is playing near water, such as a play pool, never turn your back. It takes very little time for a child to drown, even when the body of water is very shallow.
  • Before your child goes outside, apply some sunscreen. Consider using an insect repellent as well, to drive away mosquitoes before they can snack on your child.

Outdoor Fire Safety

Summertime means barbecues and little campfires perfect for roasting marshmallows. Any fire requires care, so it will stay where it belongs and not accidentally spread to nearby structures. These hints can give you some ideas for safe ways to barbecue.

  • Have a fire extinguisher, and keep it nearby when you’re using your grill or outdoor stove. Understand how to operate the extinguisher so you’ll know what to do if an emergency strikes.
  • Make yourself familiar with your grill’s operation. It’s important to know how to cut the fuel supply from the burners.
  • Inspect your grill before you use it. Be sure the fuel lines aren’t obstructed, the burners are clean, and grease hasn’t built up on the racks.
  • Leave someone in charge of the fire at all times. Don’t leave a grill burning unattended.
  • Never use your grill inside, or in an enclosed space such as a garage.
  • If you’re using a charcoal grill, take care when you light it. Apply lighting fluid only to unlit coals, and never to coals which have already been lit.

Pet Safety

Your pets are part of your family, too. Pleasant weather and days off mean more time to spend with your four-legged pals. Take a look at these ways you can ensure your pet’s safety.

  • Warm summer weather can lead to heat problems for pets. Provide fresh, clear water at all times, and watch to be sure your pet drinks it. Give your dog rest periods and let him cool off.
  • Keep your pet on a leash, and keep him close by, to prevent fights between him and other pets he encounters.
  • Fireworks can frighten pets. If you’re going to watch a fireworks show, double check your doors, security system and windows, so your pet can’t escape.

Safety at the Beach

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beach! Catching some sun and playing in the waves is one of the best parts of the season. Here are some ways you can keep every trip to the beach as safe as possible for you and your kids.

  • Clearly state all responsibilities while at the beach, so there aren’t misunderstandings. Designate which adults will keep an eye on the children while they’re in the water.
  • Set up a buddy system for swimmers going out into the ocean. If one buddy gets into trouble, the other can call for help.
  • Check with lifeguards before anyone goes out into the water. Encourage children to swim where lifeguards can easily spot them.
  • Wear a good, waterproof sunscreen, and reapply it frequently.
  • Cover your head up with a light hat to keep the sun from it.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Home Alone Summer Safety

With the kids out of school, you may need to leave them on their own for a few hours while you work or run errands. This bit of independence can be fun so long as your children know the rules for home alone summer safety.

  • Set rules for what a child can and can’t do while they’re home alone. If they aren’t allowed to cook on the stove, but can use the microwave oven, they should know the limits.
  • Make a list of emergency numbers where your child can find it.
  • Discuss and practice a fire evacuation plan.
  • Tell your child when you’d like him or her to check in with you by phone.
  • Keep medicines, chemicals, and poisons locked out of a child’s reach.
  • Teach your child safe behaviors for staying alone. Don’t let people inside, ask delivery people to leave packages on the step and don’t discuss being alone on social networks.

Summer Safety for Empty Homes

If you’re going away on vacation, you may need to leave your house empty for a while. An empty house provides an attractive target for burglars and vandals. Prevent break-ins and other security violations with some simple tips for summer safety during vacations.

  • Stand outside at night and look at what is visible from the street. If valuables such as a television or computer are in view, cover the windows with curtains or move the objects out of view.
  • Trim shrubs and bushes near the house to prevent burglars from having a convenient place to hide.
  • Pick up unread newspapers, old advertisements, and yard equipment. Suspend paper deliveries so burglars can’t tell you’ve been gone.
  • Consider leaving a radio or TV on while you’re gone, so a burglar can’t tell if somebody is home.
  • Post security system stickers or signs which warn about dogs. These tactics will present your home as an inconvenient target.

This summer, enjoy your holiday without stress or tragedy by taking a few easy precautions. Stay safe and have a great summer!