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Cyber Security_HackerYour wireless router makes it easy for you to connect to the internet whether you’re in your office or you’re curled up in bed trying to stream your favorite TV show on a tablet. That same router also ensure that your smartphone gets Wi-Fi access as you move around the house. Read more »

img_thermastat_doorbell-1We all know that home improvement is an investment. Fortunately, the more high quality the materials and more advanced the technology used in your home, the more the property will be worth. Not to mention, the better you will be prepared for security and efficiency issues as well.

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internet password loginWhether you are banking online or have all your family photos stored in the cloud, you want to make sure that your digital information and identity is safe. This starts with strong passwords that are hard to break, and extends to being careful with the information that you share about yourself online, especially via social media. Read more »

cybersecurityAs cyber-technology deepens it’s hold on our lives, the need for security from online fraud, theft, and abuse becomes more of a concern. That’s why the Department of Homeland Security has kicked off National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The month of October is dedicated to educating citizens and raising awareness about cyber security, offering tips on ways to stay safe online, and strengthening the nation’s security in the event of a cyber-related incident. Read more »