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Taking Care of the Planet by Taking Care of Your Loved Ones on Earth Day

Earth Day

Our planet is important to us. Keeping the Earth safe is the ultimate in home security. On days like Earth Day, we have a terrific excuse to consider all the different ways we can go green for the good of our planet. For most people, this means ensuring all light bulbs are low-energy choices, or changing out older appliances for energy-efficient models. Not many realize that home security systems can also be part of the green revolution.

Security Systems and Energy Usage

Good home security systems become part of the background in your house. You rely on them to help keep you secure, and trust they will do what they need to with minimal intervention. Yet each sensor, camera, and alarm draws power from the grid. All this can add up to an increase in your energy bill.

Older security systems may draw far more power than today’s modern security system solutions. The components were not made to current standards, and often were not made with power conservation in mind. This can lead to inefficiencies as well as to more money spent each month. A new security system may seem like a large initial outlay, but over time it can pay for itself both in increased safety and power saved.

Choosing the Right Home Security System for Your Needs

If your home is already equipped with a security system, consider both its function and its age. Installing a new security system may offer you more features to enjoy, as well as greater energy efficiency. Newer home security systems can work without a phone line, and can provide opportunities to look in on your home from far away via the Internet.

Consult a security professional, such as SafeTouch Security Systems, to settle on the ideal security solution for your needs. As each component you add to the security system will use more power, working with security professionals can ensure you do not add unneeded features or compromise your safety.

Your security professional will also have advice on what systems provide the most features for the least power expenditure. IP systems may offer both efficiency and energy savings. Ask your security consultant about the viability of solar powered systems, as well as the energy friendliness of the components they select.

Stay in the Green with SafeTouch Security Systems

With a little bit of preparation, it’s easy to go green! The security of both your home and your home planet are our priorities at SafeTouch Security Systems. Contact us today for a free home security audit.