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The ABCs of Home Security

With all the new, advanced technology appearing on the market right now, home security might seem complicated to those consumers who just want to keep their property secure. You want your home to be as safe as you can make it, yet you don’t want to fuss with a convoluted security system. The more steps you need to take to lock your house down, the more you are likely to forget one and leave a vulnerability to exploit.

It doesn’t need to be that way. It’s easy to distill your home security routines down to the simplest steps, no matter what security system you have. Especially with cutting-edge technology like the IQ Panel 2, securing your home is as easy as ABC.

A is for Always Arm Your System Before You Leave

A security system is only as good as you help it to be. This means turning your home security system on to secure your home while you are gone. Set and maintain a routine each time you leave the house where you check the essentials and arm your system before you walk out the door.

The IQ Panel 2 makes this step both simple and fun. The easy-to-use interface utilizes intuitive commands and an attractive, capacitive glass screen for all its features. Dynamic content ensures you never have to dig through unnecessary screens for the tools you want.

B is for Bluetooth Touchless Disarming

Some home security systems force you to make a frantic dash from the door to the panel to disarm the system before it sounds an alarm. Other systems eliminate this step with a remote, though you still have to locate it in your pockets or purse in time. The IQ Panel 2 goes one step beyond.

You can pair up to five Bluetooth-enabled phones with your IQ Panel 2. Once you have done so, you can use your phone to disarm your system automatically. No more sprinting from the door. No more fumbling for remotes. Just access your phone for a smooth entry into your home.

C is for Cyber Security

In the modern world, home security extends beyond the walls of your home. Cyber security is an important facet of keeping yourself and your family safe. Good online practices can prevent fraud, theft, and dangerous information breaches from happening to you.

Consider a password manager to remember your passwords for you. This both allows you to create more complex passwords and to not reuse passwords between sites without the fear of forgetting them. Utilize antivirus and anti-malware software to prevent infection of your computer. Shop at trusted online sites. Never open attachments from unknown sources in an email, and use caution while clicking links in email messages.

D is for Double Checking to Ensure Doors are Locked

Have you ever gotten halfway to your destination only to wonder if you had locked your doors? That sinking feeling and lingering dread can ruin a night out. Add “double checking doors” to your leaving-home routine.

The IQ Panel 2 comes with geofencing, which creates an invisible boundary line around your home. Utilizing this, you can automate the locking of your doors, the arming of your security system, and even other tasks such as setting your thermostat to a new temperature. Home security is a snap!

SafeTouch Security Makes Safety Simple

If you’re interested in newer and easier ways to secure your home, SafeTouch Security can help. Our experts can help you find the home security system that will fit your lifestyle best. Contact us today!