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The Benefits of Commercial Security Cameras

Ever since 9/11, smarter electronic technology and more efficient security measures, are used throughout the business and commercial industries. High end biometrics have been introduced, which verifies a person’s identity through facial and eye recognition or fingerprint technology. However, simple security measures which are beneficial and cost effective, only requires diligence and common sense. An example includes lighting areas that might be blind spots, such as garages, stairwells and basements. Commercial buildings have installed low cost metal detectors and turnstiles that are manned by experienced security guards. A badge-entry system is also a security feature that secures your business and employees from people traffic coming in and going out.

Other cost effective devices include various types of security cameras for commercial use. Various electronic camera security and surveillance systems, cost between $2 and $5 per square foot. Depending on security camera use, these electronic devices include the traditional fixed camera, which is the least expensive. Fixed cameras continue to provide clarity with interchangeable lens and can be used outdoor under various weather conditions. Dome video security cameras are a popular model in commercial and retail businesses. They offer a larger security area for surveillance with high quality resolution.Other commercial video cameras include the “infrared” security cameras that are a great nighttime security tool. They provide digital thermal imaging at the highest resolutions, even in low lighting and in the darkest environments. The latest security camera technology is the “internet protocol” system, which only requires 110 AC voltage to operate. This high tech camera tool can be used by anyone with a computer or smartphone. It runs over the internet in real time, which eliminates the need for constant monitoring