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The Dangers of a DIY Security System

home security system JacksonvilleKeeping your Jacksonville home safe is crucial because it secures what really matters—you and your family. Deterring burglars or any unwanted people from entering your home should be a priority for any safe, proactive homeowner.

The allure of saving a few bucks and personally installing a home security system is strong. Many attempt this every year, but there are dangers to taking a do-it-yourself approach to something so crucial as your Jacksonville home security system. SafeTouch Security Systems has locations in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee, and Tampa, Florida and Savannah, Georgia.


Many home security systems require at least some electrical wiring. If you are not an electrician or a qualified home security specialist, it is easy to make a small wiring mistake. Even a small mistake, however, can cause your Jacksonville home security systems to be faulty or entirely ineffective. This leaves your home, property, and family at risk.


Nearly all security systems require some amount of upkeep or maintenance. Whether it is the security system itself or associated devices, such as home security cameras, many professional companies will not agree to monitor a self-installed system.

Not being involved in the installation, the company does not know what was installed correctly or incorrectly, and not many businesses are willing to take on that liability, should something go wrong.

This means you become solely responsible for all upkeep, and if you’re not qualified for that upkeep, your system could become useless.

Bonuses and Extras

Going with a qualified home security professional can also prove advantageous for the additional benefits. Many Jacksonville home security systems come with comprehensive security packages. Depending on the company, this can cover anything from panic buttons to battery backups.

These additional benefits would not be available through a do-it-yourself job, and those extras could just be the difference between keeping your property fully secured and exposing it to risk.

Emergency Alert

Many professionally installed systems benefit from a monitoring staff. These people can alert the police, fire department, or relevant emergency services should the system reveal a problem. This saves you crucial time in any number of emergency situations.

There is also the possibility you can’t get to a phone or access to the phone has been disabled. Should this be the case, you would have no way to alert the authorities that you and your family require assistance.

Less Sophisticated Equipment

In many do-it-yourself jobs, people choose whatever materials are readily and easily available. This often results in poorer quality items that are less sophisticated. Because the resulting security system does not offer all the latest innovations, it means your home and family are receiving a lower level of security.

Some of these additional benefits include multiple security cameras, DVR capabilities, and more. Especially when it comes to the ability to record and watch security footage in and around your home, it can serve as a major deterrent for criminals. It can also prove helpful in catching anyone who does attempt to unlawfully enter your home.


With any outside components of Jacksonville home security systems, deterioration from weather must be factored into the lifespan of that system. Being exposed to rain, wind, and other weather extremes can damage a security system over time, and material used through a do-it-yourself install is particularly susceptible to damage.

Companies that professionally install security systems often provide guarantees or warranties with their product, which means you don’t have to worry about weather wreaking havoc on your system. There is nothing more valuable than the peace of mind you receive knowing you’ve done everything to ensure your security system is both durable and reliable.

Flexibility with Mobile Monitoring

The more advanced security systems offered by licensed and experienced professionals often come with the capability of monitoring your home via a mobile device. This alerts you to any breach, unsafe smoke levels, changes in carbon monoxide levels, and more. With that kind of flexibility, it means you can keep a watchful eye on your home no matter your location.

Hidden Costs

If you think you’re saving money by doing a self-installation of your home security system, be wary of unexpected and additional fees down the road. In the vast majority of cases, when you’re installing a system yourself, you are simply purchasing the equipment with no promises of monitoring. Again, professional security companies are not likely to take on the responsibility or liability of monitoring a do-it-yourself job in case there is something faulty or defective in the system or installation itself.