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The Dangers of the Internet

The Internet has changed everything. A simple “status” update can lead intruders straight to your door. A picture taken on a friend’s cell phone can give unwanted guests your exact geological location. A friendly chat between your child and an Internet friend can put him or her in extreme danger. With so many threats out there, how can you keep your family safe?

Safeguard your family from the dangers of the World Wide Web by taking the proper precautions. At SafeTouch, we want to ensure you and your family are safe everywhere.

  • Keep the computer in a central location so you can see your child’s computer screen and when he or she is online.
  • Choose gender-neutral usernames for all members of your family to secure both name and gender.
  • Alert your family to never give specifics when meeting someone online. Something as simple as “My house is close to the school” can be enough for an intruder to get an idea as to where you live.
  • Don’t post any social media status updates that state whether or not you’re out of town or won’t be home for a while. In doing so, you could give potential robbers the opportunity to break into an empty home.
  • Invest in Internet Filtering Software so you have control as to when your child is going online, who they are talking to, and even what they’re saying.
  • Talk to your children about the dangers of simply surfing the Internet. It’s important to keep communication open and honest.

If you have questions or concerns regarding Internet family safety, contact the professionals at SafeTouch. We’re always pleased to offer advice and information to keep your family guarded.