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The IQ Panel 2 – The Future of Home Security

Modern technological advances have improved our lives with products we could never have anticipated in years past. They offer us unprecedented convenience, innovative services, and greatly increased security for our homes. We can lead our best lives with the assurance that we will remain safe as we do so.

The latest innovations in home security have brought us the IQ Panel 2, a sleek and intuitive display that will change the way you interact with your security. If you have ever found yourself frustrated at the obscure interfaces some security systems come with, or have wished for a system that fit into your lifestyle, the IQ Panel 2 should be the next step you take to secure your home. Get to know this streamlined, smart security panel that will not only revolutionize your safety but the way you live as well!

Sleek Design and Clear Interface

When you think of the control panel for a home security system, you likely imagine a plain, plastic box with a basic, minimal display. The IQ Panel 2 challenges this notion with its 7″ HD capacitive glass screen. It offers 1280 x 800 resolution for clear, easy readability and an attractive presentation.

This interface is easy enough for anyone, even children, to use. It offers multi-gesture capabilities, so you can utilize the gestures you intuitively utilize on the rest of your touch-screen technology. It also features a dynamic interface that reduces screen clutter by only displaying pages for the devices you have added to your security system. As a bonus, this screen can display your favorite digital photos when the system is not in use.

Automated Security for Busy Families

You have enough on your mind without having to question if you remembered to lock the door, or wonder who is accessing your security system. The IQ Panel 2 eases these worries with built-in systems to offer you unprecedented informational and communications capabilities. You have complete knowledge and control right at the tips of your fingers.

The IQ Panel 2‘s geofencing capabilities allow you to create automated scripts to trigger when your device exits a set area. You can ensure important tasks happen without needing to remember to take care of them. Lock doors, turn on lights, and set the thermostat to a new temperature automatically, simply by leaving home.

If you have children, service people, or family members who access your home when you are away, each can be provided with a unique access code. This allows you to see who has gained entry, and the panel camera provides you with visual confirmation of people who activate your system while you are away. You can even have these photos sent to you via text message.

For families with school-aged children and parents who must be away when the children return home, the IQ Panel 2 grants peace of mind that the younger family members have arrived and entered the home safely.

Reliable Connectivity

The IQ Panel 2 utilizes LTE technology to ensure you will always have a solid, secure connection to your system. This technology provides consistent access for arming, disarming, and updating your system. Never miss an important update, or find yourself unable to arm your security!

Up to five devices can be connected to the panel through the Bluetooth capabilities. Encrypted individual authentication offers confidence that only those authorized can access your home, and can do so without setting off annoying false alerts.

SafeTouch Security is proud to offer this technology to our customers. Contact us today for more information on how the IQ Panel 2 can work for you!