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The IQ2 Panel: The Brains of Smart Home Security Technology

With the upcoming winter break and imminent holiday travels, it’s a good time for everyone who owns or even rents a home to consider what their ideal security system might look like. Gone are the days of ugly number pads and dashing from the door to the clunky panel for a frantic disarm before the alarm sounds. Today, you have a much more sleek and sophisticated option for maintaining a secure home.

Here at SafeTouch Security, we have looked into the future of home security, and we have seen the IQ2 Panel. Sleek, well-built, and amazingly functional, this security hardware can transform how you go about your day’s business. This device will especially appeal to those who have deployed smart home devices or hope to do so in the future. Read on to learn more about why the IQ2 is an excellent choice for keeping your home safe!

Solid Construction for Confidence

Today’s technology often has a flimsy, disposable feel, which does not inspire confidence in its ability to weather difficult situations. The IQ2 has foregone this in favor of a solid build and durable components. Even with the increased miniaturization from previous versions, as well as the upgraded and added components, the IQ2 offers a quality security panel.

This panel feels more like a tablet with security features than your average home security panel. It has an attractive screen with a small bezel and a low profile. The camera on the unit provides clear pictures of those who disarm it, and will even function as a digital picture frame when it is in screensaver mode. This screen can either be mounted to a wall, or used on a table with an included stand.

Ease of Use

While the most important feature of a home security system remains the ability to get help in an emergency, ease of use is a near runner-up. A rich feature set means nothing if those in the home find it too annoying or difficult to utilize. Consider how you use your current home security option, and how you might make yourself safer with an easier to use panel with a bigger set of features.

Automatic scheduling can help prevent forgetting to arm your system, ensuring your home is never without protection on the schedule you choose. The IQ2 includes intelligent features such as knowing to arm the system as “Stay” rather than “Away” if no door opens to indicate you have left the home.

Annotated pictures allow you to see who used the panel, and whose passcode they entered. You can also integrate this security system with Z-Wave devices for more options.

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it’s a terrific time to consider installing or upgrading a home security system! Contact SafeTouch Security today for more information on how you and your family can be safer in the future!