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The Power Of A SafeTouch Security System

mobilesecurityOn average, one in 36 homes will be broken into this year. At SafeTouch, we understand the need for an alarm system and have made it our business to ensure your family’s safety. Since folks live a very busy life, we offer state-of-the-art devices, for when you are on the go.

Smash and Crash Proof

Often, the first thing a burglar attempts to do is debilitate the alarm system. They cut wires and smash keypads. This is why we have durable systems to keep you safe from savvy thieves.

A wireless security system is one of the best investments you can make. Better yet, these systems involve no internet access so there is no chance for a burglar to hack your system. With such security, you need never worry about an alarm system going down due to vandalism. The keypads to wireless systems ensure security, as smashing them will not make the system inoperable.

Sometimes after a big storm, the power is lost. But your security system has its own battery allowing the alarms and video cameras to work a full 24 hours, bringing you peace of mind.

Live Video Stream

From anywhere in the world, your smartphone can be used to check your home at a moment’s notice. You can even view previous recordings to verify when a maintenance or landscape worker has come and gone.

The information is stored in the cloud. This monitoring system allows live streaming, instant alerts, smart clip capture and uses only high definition for its recordings.

Mobile Capabilities

Have you ever realized after you left, that you forgot to close the garage or lock one of the exterior doors or even set the alarm system? Now there is no need to turn around and waste a lot of time! With our mobile capabilities, lock or unlock any entry door. You can verify that all is secure, or open a door for your child returning from school – from anywhere.

Check to make sure the dog walker is on schedule and receive alerts if the children are late returning home. Each time the door is opened, you will be notified when it is and by whom. All this happens automatically, so you can focus on your current task.

The Benefits of Home Automation

Tired of adjusting your thermostat when you get up in the morning, arrive home from work and again when going to bed? A smart solution is provided with climate control. Optimize the comfort of your house by use of sensor data and current weather conditions to keep you snug and warm in the winter and cool in summer. No more wasting a lot of money by warming or cooling a house when no one is there to enjoy it!

Sometimes things just take longer than you thought they would and you end up unexpectedly returning home well after dark which is why SafeTouch’s mobile capabilities allows you to turn on and off lights while you are away. You don’t have to worry that your home appears empty and vulnerable. Remotely, ensure your property’s safety with the touch of a button.

Personal Independence with Motion Detector Monitoring

Should you have an elderly loved one, you can feel safe now. This smart system allows you to get a feel for his or her activity so you may receive alerts if your loved one strays from the norm, is up and about at strange hours, or unexpectedly leaves the house. Alerts sent to your phone advise you when motion sensors are activated in any room.

Putting It All Together

Basically, your home can be monitored, secured, lights turned on and off, doors locked and unlocked, indoor climate adjusted, check on loved ones, receive alerts and give peace of mind, all from one convenient location – your handheld device. A SafeTouch security system gives you as much or as little notice as you would like to receive.

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