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Top Items Burglars Will Steal

If you are looking into getting a Jacksonville security system, it’s likely that you have thought about or had a burglar breaking into your home. This is a terrifying and disturbing event that makes you feel violated and causes you to look around every corner with fear.

However, you can minimize your chances of being burglarized by making sure that the most common items that burglars steal aren’t out in the open, or in the home at all. Here are the most common things that burglars take from a home. 

Never Leave Your Money Laying Out

Burglaries are usually looking to make a quick buck. The majority of burglars aren’t looking for a big score, and they aren’t professionals. That means that leaving cash, jugs of change or any other currency that a burglar can spend right away is exactly what they want. Make sure that you lock up all of your cash because once they have it, it is untraceable.

Items They Can Sell on the Street

Burglars usually want to make money as fast as they can with a minimum of risk. Of course, if you have a Jacksonville security system in place, you increase that risk drastically because the burglar will not want to be there when the police show up, nor do they want the attention of the neighbors or passers-by, who have come to see why the burglar alarm is going off. However, burglars who break in usually want things that they can move quickly. More professional burglars may be willing to wait for a score, but amateurs just want to get some money in their pockets quickly. Here are some things that are portable enough to steal that burglars can easily move on the street.

  • Laptop computers
  • Tablets
  • E-Readers
  • Mp3 Players
  • Cellphones
  • Small handguns
  • Jewelry
  • Hunting or decorative knives

Less Portable Items That Burglars Will Sometimes Steal

Burglars will also take larger items if they can get away with it. They don’t really want to be seen carrying anything too big and many of them are on foot rather than in a vehicle, but there are a few items that burglars may take because the reward is worth the risk, in their minds.

One of those items is a vehicle. If you have a nice car in the garage and you keep the keys in the house, it is quite possible that a burglar will take it, because they can drive it, and they might be able to sell it to someone who knows where a chop shop is located for a few hundred bucks. No matter what they sell it for, they will still be making some money. Don’t leave your keys where burglars can find them.

Rifles and Shotguns are also quite easy to sell on the street, and even though they are more conspicuous than a handgun, they may take them anyway because they know they can sell it immediately. Always keep your guns locked up in a gun safe (not a gun cabinet with glass in front).

Information is Easy to Carry

The last thing that a Jacksonville security system might prevent is the theft of information. More and more these days burglars are taking information that they can either sell or use themselves. That includes passwords, credit cards and credit card numbers, bank account information and identities. Make sure that you don’t leave information like that out in the open where someone can take it and get a Jacksonville security system as soon as you can.